Google News no longer a thing in Spain

Google News is no longer a thing in Spain, due to what the search engine reckons is a new law that would have required it to pay publishers for their content.

Google had previously said that the site was going to stop, to comply with the recent updates in Spanish law, and today the company confirmed that it was off.


The post says: “We’re incredibly sad to announce that, due to recent changes in Spanish law, we have removed Spanish publishers from Google News and closed Google News in Spain.” (but in Spanish, obviously).

The new law actually comes into play on January 1st, and will now require search engines to cough-up for the rights to re-link snippets of news stories.

Basically, it's the first sign of people giving Google what for, and should this take off, expect other countries to follow suit. Things could be about to get rather ugly.


  • DrJogalog
    What is the point?
  • Martin
    I hope it works the other way round, that no publishers will be allowed to link to Google, to use their system to do their work etc. After all it works both ways.
  • mr b.
    the point of this is Stupid as all google will do now is Delist all sites that demand money from google (all SCO optimisations will also be ignored if its related to a news site) but i guess its mostly down to that they have No control on what google news would show on what News companies show on that page (so you could have 4 competitors on the same page, so they managed to make a law to force google to pay lol

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