Google launch Trips

Google launch Trips

Google have got a new thing on the go, called Trips. For any hippies reading, this is nothing to do with ego-dissolving hallucinogens, sadly.

Basically, it is a new app that will act as a planner and travel guide for trips you take abroad, or wherever.

The app is free, and available on Android and iOS, and you can download it right now if it sounds like your kind of thing. It'll organise your hotel reservations and your plane tickets, as well as offering advice on where to go and what to do in various locations.

It'll link up with your Google search history, and give you bespoke tips for things you could get up to.

Trips also works offline, which is very good news if you don't want to hammer your data while you're travelling.

Of course, this being a thing you can use at your destination is one thing, but it being a planner, you can look at a future trip and play around with the app and look at hotel information, car rental services, and get stuck into the 'Need to Know' tab which has loads of good local information.

If you can get online, then you can also fire up real-time information, where you can see what's going on in the city you're visiting. It'll even tweak results to indoor events if the weather is bad.

If these words aren't cutting it, here's Google's promotional video.

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