Google introduces offline map saving for Android phones

7 July 2011

Yesterday, it was announced that data roaming charges are to be tackled. In a wallet-friendly one-two, Google has just announced a great new feature for Android users - Download Maps:

When you’re visiting an unfamiliar location, Google Maps for mobile is great for getting an idea of how close you are to your destination, where streets and landmarks are in relation to each other, or just for getting “un-lost.” But what if you don’t have a data signal, or you’re abroad and don’t have a data plan? We say that if you use Google Maps for mobile, you’ll never need to carry a paper map again. The “Download map area” lab in Google Maps 5.7 for Android is a step in making that statement true even when you’re offline.

Bitterwallet - Google offline maps

While you still have data coverage or WiFi before heading out, just pick your spot, and you can download all detail on Google Maps in a minute or two for a 10-mile radius. Genius - and a godsend for any traveller with an Android handset.

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  • Dick
    Comments just aren't working today are they?
  • Delenn
    Looks good. Will try it next week.
  • dvdj
    So will it still track your position using gps? Or is it just the map.
  • Dick
    It'll just be the map. Shame there is no search or directions, this is what makes googlemaps useful for me. Otherwise, you might as well just search and do directions before leaving, and print the map out.
  • Grumpy
  • Sawyer
    @Dick I don't see why GPS wouldn't work - it's independent of a data connection and can provide long/lat which is sufficient to pinpoint you on an offline map. But as you say, other features will be lacking.
  • Neil
    If anyone else gets stuck like, you need to switch this on in the labs menu before it will work. Might be glaringly obvious, but took me ten minutes to work that out :(.
  • Tim
    Step in the right direction. Nokia's Maps lets you download entire countries, states, regions in advance. Depending on the size of the memory card that is. Rubbish OS they may have, but the Maps are nice for offline use. Wish Nokia and even Google had maps of detail that OSM have though (I'd say OS maps even better, but they cost money).
  • dvdj
    Am I being thick? Where does it download the map too?

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