Going green will mean up to £40 extra on a return flight

22 September 2009

Bitterwallet - green planes of the future

Wahoo! Soon you'll be able to jaunt around the globe in futuristic aircraft without the guilt that you're piledriving the environment into dust. That guilt-free conscience will come at a price, of course - nearly £40 per longhaul flight. And that's before the flying saucer plane-things are even built! Curse this planet's fragility!

The aviation industry has decided if it doesn't make a vaguely honest commitment to reduce carbon emissions, then they'll be subjected to further taxation as dictated by politicians and demanded by environmental groups. Hoping that setting ambitious goals will kick-start manufacturers and airlines into developing green technology, top BA dog Willie "The Winkle" Walsh is to announce an agreement between airlines, airports and aircraft companies to cut emissions to 50 per cent below 2005 levels by 2050, and make the industry carbon neutral by 2020.

That sounds all very wonderful, but there are a couple of concerns for passengers, both involving their wallets. To achieve the cuts, not only is there a need for airlines to develop new technology, but for the industry to create a global carbon trading scheme. The scheme will cost the industry an additional £3bn per year to create and run. Who foots this bill? Who do you think? It'll mean an extra €9 on a return short-haul flight and €40 for your long-distance return ticket.

And what about the miracle green technology that'll see no cut in service but a reduction in carbon? The airline industry thinks the State should invest in the development. Yes, that's you again.Whether you fly on the resulting wunderplanes or not, you'll be paying for them. If you do jet off, you'll pay twice. The cynic would suggest going carbon neutral is merely about saving profits, rather than the planet.

[The Guardian]


  • NellieIrrelevant
    The gall of them, passing costs onto us! I mean just because I fly on their planes, it doesn't make global warming my fault, or my problem! It's theirs! It's bloody tyranny that's what it is! We have the inalienable right to fly anywhere in the world on the cheapest, dirtiest planes we like, as our ancestors have done for hundreds of years. And I want windows that open so I can throw bottles out of them.
  • MickeyB
    You're my hero Nellie.
  • Gunn
    Poor show, can I please opt out of the green tax, or at least the companies should foot half if not more of it
  • HamMan
    Nellie - you've missed the point completely and replying to yourself doesn't look good :( the story is the airlines looking to everyone to foot the bill to keep them in business and profit.... everyone except themselves? customers fund the the system to allow them to being in some nonsense trading scheme, then pay through taxes for the new technology - all the while the airlines keep taking the money? Where's their responsibility in all of this? They're only offering to do it so they don't get pushed into it!!
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Replying to myself? I wouldn't dream of it. it's just that, amazingly enough, some people agree with me.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    hear hear. I don't think it's missing the point. The changes have to be made, and we will all have to pay for them, one way or another. Even people who don't fly benefit albeit indirectly from modern air traffic. The bills for the 80s till now have finally started hitting the doormat. yes, airlines are greedy and will always try to protect their margins, but that's the nature of capitalism. No point acting all surprised & indignant.
  • NellieIrrelevant
    Damn straight Nellie, you tell em.
  • Brian
    How many "Nellie" fakes are on this board?

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