GM to install eye-tracking technology

3 September 2014

GM_logo Technology is all over cars at the moment, as the latest device involves tracking your eyeballs.

This tech will watch you so it can determine how drivers are behaving on the road, tracking your eyes and every move, making sure that you're giving the road its full attention.

General Motors will install around half a million cars with eye-tracking devices over the next three to five years.

They're apparently using technology made by Seeing Machines, a Canberra-based company who specialises in driver fatigue technology.

The cameras will be backed by algorithms, which tracks movement in the driver's face and will then use this data to analyse what the driver is looking at.

If the driver isn't paying attention to the road for more than 30 seconds, the device emits a laser at them and kills them dead.

As well as safety, the technology could allow drivers to communicate with their cars, without having to press a button or turn the wheel. It's all a bit Gary Numan.

There are privacy issues arising from this new development, such as what insurers and manufacturers may do with it. However Seeing Machines reckon that 'initially' it will not keep the info it records.

In other words, it will and we're all going to Hell. And the car will probably lock us in and drive us there itself.

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