Global manufacturers hit by Japan problems following earthquake

18 March 2011

Apple LogoGlobal manufacturers are now feeling the knock-on effects from Japan's problems after disaster hit the country with the supply of parts freezing up.

General Motors (GM) and Boeing are reporting difficulties with Apple likely to be next. Plant shutdowns across Japan are threatening the supplies of car parts and electronics as factories are operating during fuel shortages and power outages.

GM has had to temporarily stop work in the Louisiana truck plant thanks to parts shortages.

"Like all global automakers, we will continue to follow the events in Japan closely to determine the business impact" said GM in a statement.

Boeing is effected as almost one third of the elements for the forthcoming 787 Dreamliner come from catastrophe hit Japan. Boeing told the Wall Street Journal it has "identified points of risk within the supply chain and developing mitigation plans."

Apple are likely to face shortages of key parts for the iPad 2 with several key parts coming from plants in Japan. With stock already selling out, it could be a while before we see more iPads on the shelves. By the time the iPad 3 comes out, hopefully there won't be any more shortages.

Still, all this is the least of the world's worries really.

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  • Boris
    No iPad 2's? Where is the UN when you need them? Bastards. I say nuke Japan until they provide the parts pronto. Hipsters need the goods. Oh. ... Nuclear disaster eh? Err, sorry, I'll wait a bit longer.
  • me
    What a bunch of funboys. Apple was not even the main manufacturer affected and then the logo is displayed on this article.
  • w0nKeY H.
    Why are GM and Boeing having difficulties with Apple?

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