Getting a flight is going to get more expensive thanks to surcharges

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We showed you how miserable booking flights with Jet2 was, right? They sneaked in loads of hidden costs and generally wanted to wank you for as many coins as possible.


Well, charges are becoming incredibly popular and the annual family holiday overseas may become just too expensive to consider.

The UK's biggest holiday companies have all announced that fuel surcharges are going to come into play, which could well mean that as much as £160 could be added to the price of your trip.

Big guns like Thomson and Thomas Cook are adding surcharges, ranging from £15-£40 a person depending on the type of flight. If this lot are doing it, it will only be a matter of time before everyone else starts doing it.

Thomas Cook has applied surcharges for all new bookings and it's reported that Thomson and First Choice will apply theirs on 4th March.

Short haul flights will see a charge of £15 per person and longer flights will see a charge of £40 per person. It all tots up if you're a family of four travelling somewhere.

Ian Ailles, chief executive of Thomas Cook UK & Ireland, said: "We've worked hard to keep the impact of the rising fuel costs on our holidaymakers to a minimum, but the fuel levy is an unavoidable result of the rising price of oil."


  • Skymarshall
    Is it just me, or was oil not reported to be dropping in price?!
  • Another A.
    Why should I be told I'm paying for higher fuel costs, isn't that bloody obvious? I'm not charged a fuel surcharge in the supermarket, it's reflected in the price on the shelves. It should be the same with airlines as well. Give me the bottom line ferchristtsakes. Easyjet in fairness are good with this, baggage charge notwithstanding.
    HA Thomson have just pulled a nice little earner - they have reduced the luggage allowance on Benidorm holidays from 20kg to 15 kg and listen to this !!! on the website a huge star proclaims the 15kg IS FREE. Even for 28day holidays no matter how early you book so its back to Easyjet for me - at least they are up front when screwing you. On the other hand you can upgrade back to 20kg for JUST £15 pp. robbing twats. What I find strange is they still have 20kg on a 7 day holiday to Austria.
  • brian
    stay at home and enjoy this country's wonderfulness
  • lee130167
    Airlines are lying fuckwits, they fix their fuel prices a year in advance so i would say this is profiteering.

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