Get the train delay refund you deserve with the Which! train refund tool

27 April 2011

Screen shot 2011-04-27 at 16.14.37 Getting delayed on a train journey at one time or another is a fact of life, unless you’re the Queen or erm… dead or something. But if the delay is significant, you could be entitled to a part or full refund, depending on the train operator and the length of the hold-up.

Thanks to our great mates at Which! there’s now a simple way to find out if you are actually entitled to make a claim. They’ve bunged out an interactive online tool that can help you find out if you can claw back some cash at the end of your elbow-chewingly frustrating trip.

Good eh? Thanks Which!!

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  • steveD
    Just flicking through guys and on a delayed train, sickened i cant get a refund until i am more than an hour late. Northern fail are a bloody disgrace
  • greg
    any chance east midlands will refund if i threw my ticket away? it was over an hour late, i have my thetrainline receipt email
  • callum
    Wow, I didn't realise compensation was this generous - I wish I kept my tickets now! Just a 1 hour delay and you get a full refund (well, in vouchers). Steve - An hour isn't really that late is it, I'm sure you'll cope... Greg - I don't know, but why did you book via thetrainline? I've never seen a fare on there that was cheaper (or even the same price) than the train operators websites. No service fee and free postage - plus exclusive advanced fares on some of them.
  • dvdj
    What about if the train doesn't bother turning up at all? That happens quite a bit, usually as the driver or conductor don't bother turning up. Is that treated as a 3+ hour delay?
  • dvdj
    Also I get a monthly season ticket, can I just got around stalking when trains are delayed / cancelled and claiming I was waiting for it?! I see a nice little earner here...

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