Get around London town for nuffink

oyster swipe Fancy a couple of days of free travel around London? OF COURSE YOU DO, YOU NUT JOB.

Basically, London Transport are doing a couple of free days - Friday 14 & 28 November - which is on offer to those who pay with contactless or MasterCard.

You'll need to register first, obviously. That's what sensible people do.

The ins and outs are:

- Your card will be charged and then refunded within 28 days
- There’s a maximum refund of £21.80 a day, which is the price of daily peak cap zones 1-9 plus Watford Junction
- It’ll work on the tube, buses, DLR, Overground, tram and most national rail services (normal contactless coverage)

So again, you will need to register your card before midnight on the 14th and 28th November or it will mean nothing and you'll be that complete mug paying for travel while everyone else lords it up for free.

Click here to find out more.

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