Germans pledge a million electric cars by 2020

250px-Nissan_Leaf_001 Germany look set to lead the way over the next decade when it comes to the electric car revolution. The Bundesgovernment have teamed up with the Deutsche automotive industry and announced that they aim to flood one million electric cars on to the market by 2020.

Top Gear reckon that will mean that in 2020 itself, roughly one in four new cars sold that year will be electric, giving them a decade to seriously change the mindset of their motorists.

Although Nissan recently announced plans to manufacture their electric LEAF car (pictured) here in the UK, we seem to be ambivalent about this new future of motoring. Reckon you’ll be tootling around in a plug-in motor by 2020? Or what?


  • Paulo M.
  • Bullet
    No, yoghurt driven for me.
  • Sideysid
    Yey - lets burn loads of fossil fuels to produce the electric for our 0% emission cars!
  • James
    And even more emissions to produce the batteries to store the electricity. Yay 0% emission!
  • Cagwell
    why are all the new electric cars ugly!! I wouldn't be seen dead in that!!
  • FUCK E.
    OH THESE FUCKING LIBERAL, PEACE LOVING, TREE HUGGING PUSSIES TRYING TO TAKE MY FUCKING PETROL AWAY. Who are you to say I can't use petrol. It's not your planet you cunts. This is all a dark left-wing conspiracy by the European nanny-states to make our streets and cities more livable and clean for NOTHING. We all know our future isn't in Europe, our future is to be like China, we should be following their example, they are who will be making the money in 20-30 years. Do you think they give a fuck about cute field mice and glittery seahorses. FUCK NO, unless they can fry them and dip them in a delicious sweet and sour sauce.
  • The B.
    "Who are you to say I can’t use petrol. It’s not your planet you cunts." Um, I think you may have missed the point, any idea why petrol has risen in price so drastically? It's running out, no one's forcing you to buy an electic car, you can still have a petrol car, get back in your escort and go back to the council estate.
  • FUCK E.
    Hey Bozo, I'm not from the council estate. I just believe in SMALL GOVERNMENT, petrol and my right to eat the animals that God made for me. Don't make me mad with all this science shit.
  • The B.
    I bow to your stunning and obviously superior intellect, I am destroyed by your fine repose.
  • hippy
    damn all that money i saving with my energy saving lighbulbs, eco dishwasher and washing machine and turning stuff off from stanby will all be for nothing when i plug my brand new shiney car into my socket sucking up the amps and making that little aluminium disk inside my leccy meter spin round like a record playing happy hardcore. Once the cars are in every other house electricity companies will make the electricity more expensive at peak "car pluggin in" times probably making it just as cheap to use petrol. Think ill jump for joy at a later time. Maybe when they make cars that run on piss, like the sort FUCK PLANET EARTH is spewing out his mouth!
  • Mr G.
    If only we could run cars on stupidity. That way we'd never tun out and Clarkson could be a fucking drag racer. (Jeremy Clarkson in drag? Eww!)
  • FUCK E.
    Look I believe in the Bible, the earth was created for us for us to use as we see fit as it states in Genesis. Do you think God is gonna let the Planet just die because of a few car farts? We need more cars, more guns and more Bibles. Fuck nature.
  • scatton
    And they cost more to the environment to dispose of than normal cars.... and in any case we are not destroying the planet. If we are not around any more the planet will be ok without us!!! please conatc me for more happy thoughts
  • robstar
    Why can’t someone just invent a synthetic fuel? Oh wait, they already have. They just need to make it profitable by reducing manufacturing costs.
  • FUCK E.
    I agree withmy fanclub: Scatton, Sideysid and James. PETROL FOREVER. (another treasured fan club member)
  • Onlineo
    I only buy second hand cars so unlikely. But if 1m electric cars in 2020. Then presumably 500,000 in 2015, in which case of course I would give it a go as there would be some cheap second hand ones about. Would need a range of 200 + miles and a second hand price tag of £5000. That being the said petrol will probably be at £3 per litre, so possibly I may be forced into buying an electric car earlier and for a higher price! In the end it all depends on battery technology improving and electric car technology getting cheaper. Do i think a 100 mile range 2012 Nissan leaf is a good deal for £2000, No. In 2016/7 they should be £5000 secondhand but 100 mile range is too short for me. Sure I mainly drive 5-10 miles. But every other weekend I do round trips of 200-400 miles! I suppose I could do them by train but trains running accross the country are so slow I dont think that is likely. Door to Door I can go Sheffield to Preston in 1 hour 30 mins, or Sheffield to Blackpool in 1 hour 50 mins. The train adds an extra 30 - 50 mins. + a bus journey at either end adding an additional hour. Hmmm I don't think so!
  • Ten B.
    [...] million electric cars on German roads by 2020? Will the UK follow [...]

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