George Osborne snubs standard class despite absence of first class ticket


We’re all in it together, don’t you know. That is, unless you’re Chancellor George Osborne. He’s been involved in a mild kerfuffle on a train from Wilmslow to Euston, London this afternoon after realising that he only had a standard class ticket. Naturally, George is too good for standard and just made his way into first class.

Luckily, ITV News reporter Rachel Townsend was on the train and has told their site:

“George Osborne got on the train with aides at Wilmslow and went straight to first class. Then his aide approached the ticket collector right next to me. He said he is travelling with George and he has a standard ticket but can he remain in first class?

The guard said no. The aide said Osborne couldn't possibly sit in standard class. The guard replied saying if he wants to stay it's £160. The aide said he couldn't pay and he couldn't really sit in standard. The guard refused to budge.

The guard went on gathering tickets and later told me Osborne had agreed to cough up the £160."

Tremendous stuff. All in it together, remember? What? Something about plebs?


  • zeddy
    Sir Jimbo should have told him "This is the age of the train", then buggered him into pleb class.
  • Idi A.
    He'll only claim it back on expenses anyway, so we've paid.
  • Marky M.
    Should have dropped him off back at Magdalen for another stiff buggering.
  • Sodboxer
  • Yue
    Andrew Mitchell resigns. Maybe to stop this story taking the place of his cock up?
  • Andy A.
    I use first class all the time - pay for standard then pay for the upgrade when the conductor comes around - nothing wrong in what he did. It was embarassing watching BBC north west tonight where the key reporter was just so excited about this that he forgot its not actually a story and is what most people on business do. Media - dicks - all of them
  • chewbacca
    Andy Andy, what you meant to say was this: "I usually sit in first class with a standard class ticket in the hope that the guard won't reach me and I won't have to pay because im a cheap scumbag". Fixed. Oh, and the guard is well within his rights to charge you for a brand new ticket, not just charge you the excess. Dont believe me? Have a look at the national rail conditions of carriage. You utter pillock.
  • Yue
    Andy Andy - Muppet muppet.
  • Richard B.
    Should of given him and his aides a penalty notice just like any normal pleb would have received, then George could hold a tender for the franchise on the line offering the winner bidder everything in return for a paltry sum and free tickets for first class for friends and family and then let the tax payer pick up the cost when they don't deliver rant rant rant
  • Sicknote
    I could understand if that twat Jeremy Cunt, I mean Hunt was involved in this story; anyway what a way to make yourself look like a complete bellend.
  • Haggis
    We need more stories about Liam Fox.
  • Youngy
    Andy Andy, isn't that the same as parking the Aston on double yellows and treating the fine like a parking fee. Typical Tory delusions of grandeur
  • Alexis
    "I use first class all the time – pay for standard then pay for the upgrade when the conductor comes around – nothing wrong in what he did." The story says the aide said they didn't want to pay and in the end it seems they paid up reluctantly?
  • Avon B.
    @ Alexis The story (as reported here) doesn't say he didn't want to pay. It said he couldn't. And then - surpriiise! - he suddenly could. So, unemployable career politician nob is shown to be a lout and a liar. Who ever would have guessed?
  • George O.
    @Richard Branston - Bit of a pickle? I'll get my coat!
  • Wongaporkpies
    Should have thrown him off at the next station while train was still moving at 80MPH
  • Gabriella
    Should have stopped the train at the next station, called British Transport Police and then ridiculed him in front of others and then manhandled him off the train in to a police van and buggered him senseless. Then again, he probably would have enjoyed it, his aide would have asked for a threesome or to at least watch and he would not have purchased his ticket again, knowing the police would give him a good truncheon or two. He is a big cxnt. How arrogant to expect to get away with it. He shits and pisses like the rest of us so buy a first class ticket if you sit in first class like the rest of us, if you can afford it.
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