Fun? During a flight? Impossible surely?

13 August 2010

In case you thought that all commercial aeroplanes were seething, tension-filled iron sky-sausages, following the JetBlue flight attendant meltdown story the other day, here’s proof that it just isn’t true.

Some rare airborne jollity broke out during this flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt recently, with the trolley dolly being at the centre of a mass, good-natured pillow fight. Obviously, if the flight had been in American airspace, the security services would have been on red alert and the captain would have been forced to fill the cabin with sleeping gas.

Of course, if it was a Ryanair flight, there wouldn’t be any pillows to start a fight with – just scrunched-up scratchcards; and passengers wouldn’t have been allowed off at the end of the flight until they’d calmed down, tidied the mess up and paid an arbitrary ‘fun tax’ of forty fucking quid.

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  • me
    I think that the invisible monkey ( ape, Andy Dawson offspring) started the fight!
  • Phil M.
    Oh how spirited, I'm sure 200 people tweeted instantly that they'd just been involved in the worlds first mile high pillow fight. I bet you still thought the fat stinking reclined bloke sat infront of you is a complete wanker and you shoved you knees into his chair at every available opportunity, but you still joined in the pillow fight as you're 'great fun' tosser.
  • The B.
    What you don't realise is that they weren't pillows, they were chopped up bits of Palestinian children killed by soldiers on the Gaza strip wrapped in pillow cases.
  • zeddy
    You two are miserable cunts. I think it's great that someone's granny has a job as an airline hostess.
  • Jonny S.
    Wow Phil McCavity has a slightly cynical outlook!!
  • Jonny S.
    Lookout he's throwing a bomb!!!
  • Nobby
    More Jews going to Germany having fun. Hitler would be turning in his grave, if he wasn't alive and well in Argentina.
  • Skymarshall
    Now why don't they just resolve Gaza like this?
  • agatha
    It's Lufthansa - there's no in-flight entertainment, and nowhere to put your legs, so what else is there to do?

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