Full-body scanners find no fans with German airport staff

Play mobile airport security set. They grow up quick these days, don't they?After ensuring that all matters of privacy and embarrassment were ignored in the name of protesting us from terrorism, it seems that airport body scanners aren't necessarily making life any easier - for us or airport security staff.

A German newspaper is reporting that staff at Hamburg Airport aren't interested in using their scanners anymore until major issues are fixed. It's claimed over a third of passengers are causing the alarms to sound for no reason whatsoever. Staff say that too many layers of clothing can confuse the scanners, while one in ten passengers set the scanner off because of their posture.

Germany is one of several countries in the EU testing the scanners, which are meant to speed up the security procedure and provide a more thorough scan for suspicious substances. The UK is trialling the scanners at several airports, while also stalling on introducing other security measures that will see an end to liquids checks in hand luggage.

Expect the security line charades to continue in ad finitum.


  • Milky
    Bloody slouching Europeans. There will be no end to queues & liquid allowed again at airports, primarily because you queue so long these days in order to be proven not a terorist that you need to take a bottle to jimmy riddle in because if you move, you'll lose your space in the queue. ..I'd like to hand over this bottle of liquid for confiscation please, watch out it's leaky, fresh & warm, & due to the length of the queue I'd like another 5 bottles to be taken into consideration!
  • Dick
    Well I am up for nude scanning. It might make flying fun again.

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