Fuel Duty cut? Pah. How else the Government is shafting you.

Think this is the latest model in Newcastle

So, now we’ve all had a lovely weekend with our cheap fuel do we love the Government again? Are they our bestest buddies? Thought not. Any you know why? Because they are thieving so and sos.

Remember our saddo in the Ford Focus? Well according to analysis by Parkers, the motor specialists people who make those little books that tell you how much your car is worth, he is probably going to be even sadder in a couple of weeks time.

You see, according to their figures, our typical Ford Focus driver who drives 10,000 miles will save the whopping  amount of £10.81 with the 1p cut, but will have to pay £165 instead of £155 for his annual road tax. The mathematicians among you will have worked out that the overall saving, therefore, is just 81p a year. Thanks George.

And of course, that 81p in your pocket assumes that the crafty so and sos at your local petrol station didn’t surreptitiously slip an extra penny on to the price on Tuesday night just so they could take it off again on Wednesday. Twitter says this happened, so it must be true.

Affordable alternatives for travel within the UK are few and far between. Train fares are already extortionate (and they can't even blame it on VAT) and once the new high speed trainlines go in, the Government will need to recoup the huge cost somehow. Budget airlines are likely to lose out domestically; EasyJet are cancelling their daily Newcastle/Stansted route because East Coast trains are introducing a direct service from Newcastle to London. That pretty much gives East Coast the monopoly; a return ticket on the day is between £110 and £197.

So you either pay the train companies their pound of flesh or you have to do the 550 mile/ten hour round trip in your car to save £40+, but keep the Treasury coffers filled in the process. Ever feel you can't win?


  • brian
    plus VAT went up by 2.5% in january. so if a litre of petrol on 31st december cost 120p it would have gone up by 3p in January. Therefore the 1p off doesn't even offset the VAT increase.
  • The B.
    The EU has a plan to save on Fuel Duty: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-12879566
  • Ross
    err, Brian - no it wouldn't as the 2.5% isn't on top of the already included VAT. You would need to remove the 17.5% first and then add on 20% to the base price. Pedantic yes, but also true
  • oliverreed
    They thought about bringing in a 'sunshine tax', but realised that the weather isn't that great here so no they are going for a more simplified 'breathing air tax' thankfully dead people are exempt (with certified proof - burial isn't enough). Oh and here's my wallet, shall I lube it up for you before you rape it any further?
  • MrRobin
    Not sure how the gov't are at fault for the soaring cost of rail fares... unless you blame the Tories for privatising the railways in the ninetys, and the subsequent U-turn by Labour to not re-nationalise

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