Friday poll - did Panorama or Ryanair rule the skies this week?

This week saw Panorama attempt to stick it to Ryanair on primetime television, except the BBC hadn't reckoned on CEO Michael O'Leary and his near-unlimited powers of spin and manipulation, not unlike a modern-day SuperJesus. Our considered opinion is that the show was commissioned before the research was complete, leading to the somewhat embarrassing situation of a programme exposing little more than its own lack of substantial content.

Weak editorial combined with Ryanair's masterstroke of publishing its full correspondence with the BBC put O'Leary in the driving seat. Add to that the Sky Marshall playing the corporation like a fiddle - by agreeing to an interview on terms that would have been unacceptable to any broadcaster, O'Leary appeared to be the injured party - and it seemed to us that the budget airline won hands down. You have no idea how much it pains us to say that.

But what did you make of the programme and the media circus that followed it into town? Did the BBC deal a savage body-blow to the Sky Marshall, or did Ryanair batter the beeb into a bloody pulp? You decide, as a man once said.


  • Pete S.
    "...situation of a programme exposing little more than it’s own lack of substantial content." possessive its has no apostrophe.
  • Paul S.
    Sorted. Ta!
  • Jassen
    I went for the last option. Saying that, in my opinion, the BBC finished off in a more embarrasing position, they hardly proved anything that most of the public didn't know already about Ryanair, yet their arguements against RA were really weak. Watch Dog is getting just as bad!
  • In f.
    @Pete Smith Who are you? Jeffrey Archer??
  • pauski
    Did you see that twat on watchdog last night trying to defend centre parcs pricing during half terms? Now thats a fucking rip off.
  • Stephen H.
    I've no idea why Centre Parcs can't charge what they like. The place is full. They are running a business not a charity. I'd put the prices up if I were him.
  • Inactive
    All the programme showed me, was that the BBC employ a load of incompetent tossers that are grossly overpaid. O'Leary walked all over them.
  • MrRobin
    Correction of spelling and punctuation helps everyone. You can see my valuable contribution in the previous Bitterwallet article.
  • The B.
    Fuck me, do people still watch Panorama? Or give a shit about Ryanair come to that?
  • Jack
    I watched the programme, but it was a bit of a waste of time and was really going nowhere. And the interview at the end was appauling. I want my money back for that episode
  • DMcG1873
    Re: Stephen Hammond He should've told 'em to fuck off and book Butlins if they can't afford it.
  • paris d.
    We are open all year round, good prices (care of hotUKdeals) - fuck the cunts at centre parcs.

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