Free sat nav comes to Nokia phones - death knell for TomTom and his mates?

Screen shot 2010-01-21 at 10.26.11 Last week we reported on Vodafone’s sat nav iPhone app with its £3 a month subscription fee. Seven days on and it now looks as relevant as tracking your route by dropping breadcrumbs out of the car window as you drive.

Today, Nokia have unveiled free turn-by-turn sat nav on a wide range of their phones. That’s free. Gratis. For nowt. Forever.

Nokia say that the Ovi Maps application will be compatible with 10 current handsets, including the N97 Mini, E72 and 5800 XPressMusic, and will be pre-loaded on every GPS-enabled handset sold from March 2010.

The 2D and 3D maps will load on to phones over the air or via a computer, meaning there’ll be no drop of service if you stray into an area with little or no 3G signal.

Ovi Maps will cover a total of 180 countries, with turn-by-turn information available for 74 of those, in 46 different languages. Traffic data will also be available for ten countries, including the UK, although traffic data use would be live and require a mobile internet connection, forming part of a mobile phone tariff.

Could this spell the beginning of the end for traditional sat nav companies such as TomTom and Garmin? TomTom’s shares fell by 3.7 percent earlier this morning following the Ovi Maps announcement, while Nokia’s shares rose by 1.3 percent.

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  • Timbo1234
    No hope for my E71 then? :-(
  • Mark P.
    "Begun, this free sat nav war has." Once the googmeisters general copy this on iphones then i will be a happy camper.
  • Pizza_D_Action
    TomTom and Co-Pilot are doomed then by the looks of things... unless they start making phone the I can't see how they can continue making money in the light of this announcement.
  • Alex
    not happy that the N97 doesn't get the free version, yet the 5800 which is half the price does! not impressed nokia
  • Fu M.
    you are assuming that everybody wants a humongous phone like that. im quite happy with my old samsung. i spend all day and night in front of a computer, no need to have the internet in my pocket for the 10 mins im in the bog or buying food in a shop. if im out at the pub i dont need the fucking internet, im at the fucking pub. If I'm watching a film, I don't want to be disturbed. give a separate sat nav with a large screen and a small cheap mobile that fits in my trouser pockets where i dont stress about losing it or scratching its screen
  • David
    ive only ever used satnav on a pda or phone. its better cos you can use it without the car (walking through city for example). the big hairy downside of one phone with everything on it is if it breaks you lose everything. I think its still better than having lots of devices and chargers,
  • Chris
    Even though it doesn't say it works fine on my n97:D
  • Jassen
    It is coming out for the N97, but they are currently improving the software because there is a glitch specific to the N97 alone.
  • owt4nowt
    is this compatible with the 3210? i hope so, cos I'm not giving up snake for anything!
  • Tom T.
    What! A useful post on bitterwallet? It cant be!
  • Lumoruk
    No this is not useful I've got the paid for version and it's shit!
  • Phil
    Wow - looks like it supports my N96 - It might finally have turned out worth owning. I've used Nokia maps a few times when its been free and while its no TomTom its good enough for the once a month usage I need.
  • Wibble
    Not a death knell for TomTom, but probably some of the weaker offerings. I'd still sooner have a stand-alone satnav in my car.
  • LewieP
    Note to anyone on O2. O2 have not released firmware updates for the 5800 for ages. This new free version of Ovi maps is incompatible with the most recent firmware that O2 have put out, so you are SOL unless you have your phone.
  • Mars
    Posted by owt4nowt | January 21st, 2010 at 11:54 am is this compatible with the 3210? i hope so, cos I’m not giving up snake for anything! ROTFPML
  • MiniAdventure
    Nokia 5800 users simple "google" for Change Product Code and you then change your phone to a Euro 1 version, connect to Nokia Software Updater and you can then download the latest v40 firmware and this also has kinetic scrolling. Downloading a Euro1 Firmware will also debrand your handset. Hope this helps
  • jones
    Just discovered its the same with Vodafone! Going on past performance, I doubt a newer version will be released for a good few months.
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