Free first class upgrade with British Airways

Free first class upgrade with BA

Ever fancied flying first class, but don't really want to stump up the money for it?

Well, if you fly with British Airways, that could be happening for you. If you travel with Club World, you can get a free upgrade one-way with the airline.

There's criteria that needs to be fulfilled, of course. There always is with things like this, eh?

Sara Dunham, British Airways' head of marketing, said: "We always get a great reaction from customers to our upgrade to First promotions."

"For no additional cost, travellers receive all the extra benefits of First, from the bespoke lounges to the comfortable suites on-board and personalised service."

"It's a really nice way for us to recognise our customers and give them something back as a thank-you for their booking and their loyalty."

What do you get when you're not in cattle class? Well, you can stretch out on a 6 foot long bed, slip into some BA pyjamas, eat food with real knives and forks, and glug champagne.

That's all well and good, but the bit that sounds most useful is that you'll get fast-tracked through security.

This offer is valid on tickets booked between September 7 and December 11.

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