Free bus travel for redheads!


It's a sorry truth that even in 2009, red-headed people suffer greatly at the hands of ignorant people who tease them about their follicular differences.

Names like carrot-top, ginger balls, Agent Orange, copper knob, Duracell, Fred the red, Garfield, Ranga, ginger whinger, Hucknall, Ronald McDonald, rusty nuts, ginger tits and ginger bastard are commonly used against them, but in truth, those names are wrong and almost as bad as racism.

Worse still is the recent news that ginger hair could become extinct within the next 100 years, although it is undecided whether it will happen naturally or as a result of some horrific ethnic cleansing scheme.

But beleaguered redheads are finally getting a break – if they live in Skelmersdale, St Helens or Warrington and travel on buses that is. That’s because a new bus company, Strawberry, are offering free-tickets to ginger passengers until next Tuesday.

Drivers will be issued with a colour-coding chart to refer to in case they’re not sure what a redheaded person looks like, and they’ll also be allowed to carry a weapon in case the ginger passenger becomes confused and afraid and starts lashing out wildly in various directions.

It just goes to show that we’ve come a long way since the USA in the 1970s when ginger people weren’t even allowed to sit down on buses if a white man got on. Viva la change!!


  • Nobby
    Maybe Oliver and Lorraine Howarth are the only redheads in Skelmersdale. A better way of keeping gingers going would be for normal people not to have sex with them, no matter how easy they are. Then they would have to have sex with each other and so would breed further gingers. Surely the council could supply sacks or bags or something similar to place over their heads to help them with this.
  • Jassen
    WTF with that pic!!!
  • Fight!Fight!Fight!
    Lol.. Looks like that woman from Florence & the Machine Everytime I seee that You got the Love Video I think "put some clothes on woman ffs"
  • The B.
    "Worse still is the recent news that ginger hair could become extinct within the next 100 years" How is that worse than anything?
  • Ted S.
    Ginger hair = smelly fanny
  • FreakFucker
    My wife is a red head and also left handed.
  • Tricky M.
    Nobby! Normal people screw gingers? Come on that could never happen. When I was in the army, our CO refused to return salutes from ginners. Anyway they smell of fox piss and digestive biscuits.
  • MickeyB
    My other half (RAF) always says that ginger people smell of piss and biscuits too. Is it some sort of gun-totin' coolkid joke they tell you at basic training?
  • Free N.
    [...] the rest here: Free bus travel for redheads! | BitterWallet Share Travel News follicular, hands, ignorant-people, red-headed-people, sorry-truth, [...]
  • Mr R.
    I'm a ginger and so are my two boys. And I'm an ex-Army Officer who doesn't smell of piss and biscuits! We deserve respect because we are special, free bus passes is just the begining of the revolution!! All you bottle-blonde wannabes can eat our shorts....
  • Ginger P.
    I'm not into this fox piss insult! I'm a gwarr, and i'm pretty sure that i only smell of fox piss after I have been wrestling with fox's (which is my profession). Tricky Pricky Micky........................bell end!
  • Ms-B-Red
    This all sounds like a lot of jealousy over the beautiful red hues the chosen ones are fortunate enough to sport. Don't worry you can get hair dye easily enough and although you might not have the delicate skin colour of the naturals you can still join the gang, we're generous like that. I like the foxy red heads, they deserve to inherit the earth. Not that I'm biased of course.
  • Jess
    I've got family who are red heads n I think it's disgusting the way they are treated in society, it is a form of bullying and should be classed just as bad as racisim!! I'm appauled at the fact that Corporals in the army do not salute red headed people back, who do they think they are, because if that was me I would put a formal complaint in. There is nothing wrong with red heads and they certainly do not smell! At least these red heads are English born, we have more worries in the world to be poking fun at our fellow citizens. And I 100% agree with you Ginger prince, Tricky micky pricky is a bell end hahaha
  • Jess
    Ted the Shed = cheesy bell end
  • lucy
    I think the idea to publicy single out red heads is discusting as it has caused dick heads like nobby who left a post above to think they are cleaver and come out with other stupid hateful words. i think whoever thought up the idea did not consider the reaction of stupid immuture people. i am a red head and proud i am just like everyone else i know and i think publicly singling out anybody is in some way either a hate crime or racist as you would not single out a asian person just because of the colour of there skin so why someone with ginger hair.
  • Anti-ginger B.
    [...] the pro-coppertop side last week were north-west bus company Strawberry, who briefly offered free travel to those of a gingular persuasion. On the anti-copperknob side were Tesco, who were happy to stock a Christmas card carrying the [...]
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  • Matt N.
    I also agree, I hate ginger people but I hate Indians even more. They smell of shit and curry. Not being racist but if I'd rather have gingers in this country than some smelly fat arab.
  • Robyn
    You all need to grow up.
  • Taggert M.
    I love gingers! So sook me ya cant!
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