FOUND! The Premier Inn with the heavenly view! Except...

As avid readers will know, we've been on the hunt for the Premier Inn that features in their current TV advert - specifically, we've trying to find which of their hotels offers this incredible sea view:

The good news is - we've found it! Reader Darren pointed us to the Premier Inn Paignton at Goodrington Sands. Furthermore, Natalie McConnen from Premier Inn commented on Bitterwallet to confirm:

Hi All, I work at Premier Inn and noticed this post about the view from one of our hotel windows. Thought you might like to know that the view is real, and Darren was spot on, it’s our Paignton Goodrington Sands branch.

Premier Inn has also confirmed by email that the advert shows a genuine view from one of their rooms. So let's have another look at it.

Here's Google Street View from the promenade to confirm the landscape seen in the advert - you have to face South South East for the views to match:

Bitterwallet - view in Torquay Premier Inn advert

And here's the Premier Inn that's on the promenade. Except all the windows face the sea, not South South East and across the bay as seen in the advert:

Bitterwallet - Torquay Premier Inn 2

The room may be above the Inn on the Quay, the pub in front of the Premier Inn - Whitbread owns both the Inn on the Quay and Premier Inn. Except the Inn on the Quay would need to have had its sash window frames replaced with one-pane windows to match the commercial.

For arguments sake, let's say the room is the Inn on the Quay, and we'll forgive the commercial's production company for removing the sash window that arguably spoils the view. We'll also ignore the fact that the Inn on the Quay still isn't quite facing the correct direction to fit the orientation in the advert, and that the cliffs in the advert are much closer than they'd ever appear through the window.

The real question is - what boutiques in Torquay are open at 5am? The source of the strong sunlight in the advert is well above the horizon and due East. The only time of the year that even gets close to happening is the Summer Solstice. Before 6 am. And even then, the sun is never that high in the sky in that direction.

So while the view in the advert is certainly one available from the promenade in Torquay, either Premier Inn has the power to move the Sun, or there's a lot of window-dressing going on in their advert.


  • Darren
    A company that glamours up a commercial? Never! I would be amazed if anyone could take a photo there and have it look like that without any enhancements.
  • Eric
    Please do not all flock to Torquay. It is the grimmest place I have even been to.
  • yak
    scraping the barrel a bit today aren't we….? do we not have any bacon related stories?
  • Mikey W.
    Give it a rest why not? It's not the biggest shock in the world that a company might enhance something for advertising purposes - you clearly thought it was an entirely fictional scene and have been pretty much proven wrong, so let it go eh?
  • Kat
    If you thought that was bad, what about the mascara adverts where they don’t even show the actual results of using whatever mascara it is they’re advertising, it’s all ‘false lashes were added afterwards into production’, why don’t BW do an exposé into that?
  • Chris
    I doubt there's an advert out there which doesn't include doctored photography in some way or another, at least the view is *almost* a possibility, unlike the plump, fat, tasty looking burgers the likes MacD's, Burger King and KFC use in their advertising... oh and pretty much every photograph of every woman in every magazine ever.
  • Mark
    Come on now - let it go.... It wasn't a good story to start with.. Lets move on.
  • Keith
    You implied they made up the view completely, your expose backfired, give it up! You are beginning to really embarrass yourselves here!
  • bonzo
    i'm with you BW . theres no sign of those big ugly arrows in the advert !
  • Paul S.
    Most of you have missed the point. We get that adverts massage photos all the time. We get it. But most companies then don't stand up and claim that they've done no such thing. Premier Inn told us the advert shows a genuine view, that the scene in the advert is a genuine one from a room in their hotel. It's impossible. Not unlikely - impossible. We haven't been proven wrong at all. Just as people will denounce the likes of McDonalds or Burger King for their exaggerated portrayal of products (which you'll still buy regardless), we think it's worth calling Premier Inn for not only doctoring their product (which you'll still book regardless) but then having their PR team claim it's genuine. Misleading consumers through advertising goes on all the time - that doesn't mean we should accept it or let companies off for doing it.
  • Boris
    Paul. It is perfecly possible to get that view from the window. All that is required are three plane mirrors (2 m square), a converging lens (3.4 m diamerer, power 4.5D) and two diverging lesnses or similar diameter and power -1.6D), scaffloding, red ocre paint, three tractors, a 1.6 MW broard spectrum lighting unit, a construction team and quite a lot of tea. So, let it go man. It's real.
  • Ben
    Just to point out from your birds eye picture (the one with arrows), that buildings normally have 4 sides! and part of the hotel is facing more in the correct direction (in the pic its looks to have an orange roof, pointing towards the car park)
  • Dick
    This view is real. It is from the manager's "special office". He entices you in with zebra print bags then gives you a good rogering whilst looking at the view. Wear some lippy and a blond wig, and you'll soon find out for yourself.

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