For sale: Kuoni

kuoni_logo Kuoni are selling off their tour operating business to focus on supplying others in the travel industry.

The Swiss-based travel peddler runs tours in the UK through 35 outlets alongside John Lewis, as well as in Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Hong Kong, China and India.

The company are saying that all current bookings will be honoured and that people needn't feel compelled to riot about it.

The company said the travel market environment was "likely to remain fast-changing, requiring travel companies to choose distinct development priorities".

Instead it will concentrate on areas such as Asia, Middle East and Africa. This way, Kuoni reckon they'll grow faster than the global travel markets which are expected to expand. Kuoni said in a statement that it "firmly believes that the outbound business can be better developed under new ownership".

Kuoni Travel UK managing director Derek Jones said: "It's very much business as usual right now for all our staff and customers. We firmly believe that the outbound business can be better developed under new ownership and we'll be working closely with our colleagues in Switzerland to make sure we find the right buyers."

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