For every journey you take, there's a bad marketing slogan

The recent World Travel Market in London saw hundreds of tourism agencies, journalists, marketeers and publishers get together to look at how countries can better market themselves to consumers around the world. Writer Fiona Cullinan picked up on one of our favourite topics - the nonsensical slogans adopted by tourist boards to whore their countries to foreigners:

As well as pulling apart these half-hearted attempts to get us off our lardy arses and visiting somewhere else, Fiona also highlights our favourite slogan of the bunch. If there was an award for passive-aggressive marketing, Indonesia would win by a country mile:

"Indonesia - Admit It You Love It"

[Tourist vs Traveller]


  • Matt
    I suppose its better than: "Indonesia - Come and eat some dog!"
  • Rob
    Maybe it could be aplied to Cities here (I'm sure it has) Manchester - Weather to match our welcome.
  • Could b.
    Britain 房屋世界 Obudowa na świecie السكن في العالم
  • Esarty
    I did like the NZ posters from Flight of the Conchords...

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