Fooball fans don't have luck of the Irish with budget airlines

Bitterwallet - Ireland in the World Cup play-offs Oh dear. So yesterday Ireland were drawn to play France in a World Cup play-off in Paris and with minutes of the news, prices on flights with Ryanair and Aer Lingus rose around 500 per cent. Shameless profiteering on behalf of the airlines? You betcha.

It isn't just fans who are playing hell with the airlines - the political parties are clearly pissed off too, because they've waded into the row. A spokesperson for Fine Gael outlined what went down yesterday:

"Ireland's draw against France took place at 1pm yesterday. At 12.45pm, the cost of a November 17 flight to Paris on the Ryanair website was €24.99 before taxes and charges. At 1.15pm it became €124.99. Aer Lingus flights to Paris on the same date were priced at €30 just three days ago and this morning they similarly ballooned in price."

Of course Ryanair and Aer Lingus don't see it that way, shooting off their excuse of supply and demand, as well as contradicting all criticism by saying they'd artificially inflated the prices of seats before the announcement. Because that makes it better, doesn't it?

"All of Ryanair’s flights to Paris were blocked off at fares of €150 one way prior to the draw, which was still cheaper than Aer Lingus’ fare of €165 one way," said Ryanair's Vice Rear Admiral of communications Stephen McNamara. "In response to the surge in booking since lunchtime, Ryanair has added extra flights and slashed fares to €125 one way”. If by slashed, Stephen, you mean you've reduced them to a price still several times higher than they were 24 hours ago, then yes, you've slashed them. Well done.

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  • Gunn
    That always annoys me if I'm trying to fly on a weekend where there is a football or rugby match on, the flights prices become insane. And supply and demand is not a reason, most cheap flights I go on are full so why aren't those prices through the roof. they are just ripping off loyal fans.
  • Junkyard
    Gunn - would those cheap flights you go on still be full if the price was five times higher? Will the flights on the weekend of the match be full despite the higher price? Supply and demand. Annoying though this must be for anyone wanting to travel on that date, it's simple economics. It's not even deliberately misleading the customer, like most budget airline shenanigans.
  • kev
    it's by ripping off the footie fans like this that ryanair can afford to keep the cost of flights so low. if you want ryanair can charge a tenner each for these footie flights, but then you'd never see any "free" flights ever again
  • Wilko
    I don't see the problem. It's like the whole Centerparcs debacle on Watchdog a few days ago. If you don't like the price, go elsewhere. Simples.
  • I'll y.
    Please fuck off with your simples.
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGay
    "And supply and demand is not a reason, most cheap flights I go on are full so why aren’t those prices through the roof. they are just ripping off loyal fans." Erm, I don't think you know how supply and demand works.
  • gravy
    So instead of the usual way budget airlines price their seats - eg: first 10% - 10% of top price next 20% - 25 % of top price .....etc... last 25% - top price Ryanair have said..... excellent these seats will sell at any price - let's make all the tickets full price. That seems a bit harsh.
  • SJT
    "Ryanair have said….. excellent these seats will sell at any price – let’s make all the tickets full price. That seems a bit harsh." That's business for you. If you had 100 apples you were selling at 10p each, and then all the world apple trees were eaten by an apple eating bug, would you continue o sell your apples at 10p each, or would you hike the price up to as much as you could?
  • wilko_is_obviously_geographically_limited
    err go else where, simples, hmm have you noticed ireland is an island and ergo an captive audience or are you just thick boyo
  • Daniel
    When you see how Ryanair treats its passengers I doubt that the Irish company planned to cell at a "friendly" fare the flights. When it comes to business O'Leary gets crazy! I'm disappointed by Aer Lingus, which was supposing to be "not like" Ryanair! Shame on it!
  • cooki2222
    Its good to see you have a picture of Offaly GAA Football team that has nothing to do with the World Cup/Fifa/FAI/Football(Soccer) & is a totally different sport altogether good job as usual bitterwallet
  • Stephen H.
    How can you get the footy ticket s?

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