Flying not hellish enough? Check out Virgin's safety video

Flying is trying enough at the best of times. You suspect you might hurtle from the sky to your grisly death. If not, you'll absolutely be annoyed by every single other human crammed into the cylindrical high speed deathtrap. The only thing worse that all that is enforced corporate fun.

So let us introduce to you, Virgin's 'Safety Dance' video. In a bid to get you to switch your phone off, buckle up and all that, you'll be danced at, sung at, rapped at and grinned at until your brain trickles out of your nose.

Virgin even have a viral campaign for the whole thing which, if you're daft, you can look at here.

To anyone brave enough to get to the end of this video, didn't it feel like you spend a whole month trapped inside that fun vacuum? To anyone saying 'its only a bit of fun! Lighten up!' - you're the reason people kill.


  • ihateputtingnamesin
    One of the worst things I have ever seen.
  • james d.
    With the exception of one, those men are not wearing hats. Is that a clever reference virgin?
  • Flappy J.
    The Yanks will love this shit, will have them dancing in the isles the fucking losers.

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