Flybe's staycation sale!

Flybe's staycation sale!

Flybe has kicked off a sale, hoping to shift seats on half a million flights which have been reduced for summer '16.

Now, don't be thinking you'll be flying to Barcelona or somewhere overseas - this is for flights inside the UK, should you be looking to have a staycation, or indeed, get the chance to fly back to your parents house, instead of catching the train.

It's always worth a look with these things.

There'll be deals on flights from August 1st 2016, to 30th September 2016. Some flights will be as low as £16.99 (including taxes and charges).

The sale itself ends TODAY though (that's July 19th 2016 if you're reading this late).

There's cheap flights for places like Belfast, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Jersey, and if you're particularly religious, Knock.

Head to the Flybe site, hit the drop-down menu to select which airport you want to fly from, when you want to fly, and then have a look at what's on offer.

Remember though - sale flights are only until 30th September, so if you're searching for anything after that, you'll be faced with full price fares. Click on 'month view' so you can easily see the cheapest flights on offer.

Get yourself over to Flybe's website to see what cheap flights they've got for you.

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  • mooch

    Only got wind of this in your email mail out on 21 July. Deadline passed on 19 July. How wonderfully helpful that isn't. 

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