Flybe's flight prices don't quite add up

Booking flights with Flybe today? You might want to have a calculator handy, because theirs is apparently broken. An avid Bitterwallet reader has emailed to highlight the discrepancy on a particular flight booking, which we reproduced:

Picture 7

Flybe are slapping an extra 54p on the price without explaining why, and according to our reader this isn't the only flight affected. On the off-chance it was a problem with the flight selection page, we progressed with the booking:

Picture 5

Now this makes even less sense. Not only do the totals still not add up, but now even the error is inconsistent (the double of the baggage price is because Flybe seemingly discount a single bag one way, so it costs more for the return flight).

We're only talking about a small discrepancy, but the fact is it's your money - not theirs. Most of us would probably never notice or even care to check the maths, unless the error was so large the total was several pounds out. Do you intuitively trust online checkouts, or do you always do the sums yourself regardless?


  • siddhant
    may be this extra 57p is going to guys who designed this online booking site...
  • MoMo
    The Second 1 add's up to £138.30 it totals all the prices
    The return flight looks like is isnt direct, I would assume as the baggage charge is £19.98 and the flight time of 6 hours from somewhere less than 500 miles away that its FRA to SOU via somewhere. That said, I dont condone the inconsistencies with the checkout. The baggage charges can be avoided by not checking in baggage for a 2 night stay in FRA
  • KW
    It's just transposing the last 2 numbers (the pence). Irritating but hardly a major scandal and certainly not as exciting as this post seems to think it is!
  • MK
    Not a bad fare though all said.
  • Paul S.
    SOOTY - agreed, no need for a bag. It was left in there because it's the default option and it showed yet another error - there's some mention in the T&Cs about a discount for the first leg of a flight so I assumed that was it. KW - it's hardly a major scandal. Unless thousands of customers pay those artificially inflated prices and Flybe profit by the error. MoMo - I'm fairly sure you'll have to invent a new branch of mathematics to get those numbers to add up to that total.
  • Thinker
    Maybe it's for the increase in the VAT rate when it goes back to 17.5%...?

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