Fly on a Tuesday evening if you want cheap air fares

planeWe all want cheaper flights, and there’s nothing more annoying than booking a flight only to find it would have been significantly cheaper if we had only done something slightly differently, or booked slightly earlier/later. Now, new analysis of billions of flights has come up with a magic formula for getting the cheapest airfares- by telling you when to book and when to travel.

According to new global travel statistics from momondo, the most money can be saved by booking flights at least 53 days in advance of  departure, when you can save 29% on flight costs on average. And if you leave it late, the most expensive tickets are sold three days before departure.

But while early booking as a cost-saving tool is not necessarily news, nor unexpected, momondo have also calculated the cheapest day and time to fly by analysing 7.5 billion airfares worldwide.

Apparently, the cheapest departure fares are typically found on a Tuesday and the most expensive on a Friday or Saturday. After all, who wants to fly anywhere on a Tuesday? The time of the day is also important, as the figures showed it is normally cheaper to fly in the evening, between the hours of 6pm and midnight.

Lasse Skole Hansen, momondo's spokesperson states: "We would always advise travellers to remember these golden rules, to bag the cheapest ticket. In general, it pays to book flights two months in advance. We found these trends consistent across the board, so bargain hunters should consider flying at night and on a Tuesday, if they want to save money on their travels.”

However, we would always recommend using a flight comparison tool to make sure you get the best deal. Sites like skyscanner have been around for ages and allow you to compare flexible dates and similar airports to find the cheapest deals. Kayak is another similar site that allows you to find cheap flights, but then predicts whether it might be better to wait a few days before booking, as the price may fall, or whether you should buy now before the price goes up.

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