Fly from London to New Zealand for £43! Yes, there's a catch...

1 December 2010

Woah there, rabid bargain hunters. What's all this about? According to HotUKDeals member sunkissed, Air Asia are selling promotional flights from the UK to New Zealand from just £43:

Bitterwallet - London to New Zealand from £43 single
Jinkies! According to the post, from tomorrow morning Air Asia will be celebrating a new route from London Stansted to Christchurch with seats from just £43. We tried calling Air Asia to confirm the promotion but were left hanging on the telephone due to 'high caller volume'. No kidding.

So what to make of it? Well if true, in keeping with the best traditions of airline slight-of-hand, nobody will pay just £43. Air Asia's headline prices don't include taxes and fees, so even if you did manage to snag a £43 seat, expect the price to treble. There's no free checked luggage, so for a 25kg allowance you'll pay £20 per leg (all routes from the UK to Australasia require at least two flights) and then it's £9 per meal on top of that.

The real kicker, however, is how you'll get back; don't expect Air Asia to offer return flights at the same price - unless you add a zero on the end, at least.


  • Slacker
    Would you want to come back to London once you'd seen New Zealand???
  • Nads
    also can you point out a cheaper way of going there and back?
  • MrRobin
    So... it's good if you're an emigrating, clothesless, tax evading anorexic, then.
  • Al
    Tis a shame this is actually from Kuala Lumpur rather than from London. Still, you'd be lucky to be going anywhere at the moment given the weather ... even though the Met Office is suggesting that I have a barbecue this evening.
  • kv
    must be part of the government's new emmigration policy

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