Flights now allowed through volcano's deadly ash of death

Bitterwallet - planes to fly in volcano ashThe Icelandic ash cloud of doom had a few early fans in the Bitterwallet bunker; we enjoyed Mother Nature's stance in reasserting her position at the top of the food chain. Then the cancellations stretched into days, our own summer holidays in July appeared to be at risk and we quickly changed our tune.

Fear not, avid reader, because the annual Bitterwallet excursion to Malaga looks certain, now that new rules have been introduced to allow planes to fly at higher densities of ash for a limited time. Airlines will need to get agreement from their aircraft and engine manufacturers as to what tolerance the engines can withstand before they will be allowed to fly again.

Despite the fact the situation is unprecedented - the UK has never worried about volcanoes, despite it been barely 800 miles from Edinburgh to Reykjavik - the airlines have lampooned the Civil Aviation Authority for their caution. Richard Branson got all in a pickle and described the weekend's closure of Manchester airport as "beyond a joke", while Ryanair called for a ban on "computer generated models to chart large black clouds over much of Ireland and the UK which don’t exist".

What the new rules effectively mean, is that passenger safety will become a concern for commercial entities to decide upon, rather than civil authorities. Only one airline currently satisfies the new conditions - budget airline Flybe, who happen to fly to... Malaga! Hooray!


  • JonnySpandex
    Where is that picture from? Is it real? Sorry I should say... WTF?! IS DIS REAL?!?
  • Nobby
    > Ireland and the UK which don’t exist I think Ireland and the UK do exist.
  • Klingelton
    Next they will be having us sign disclaimers preceeding a boarding of one of their flying machines stating that all our monies are belong to them.
  • The B.
    Tell me about it, I had to go to a 4* hotel inSharm El Sheik for a week instead of 2 weeks in a beach bungalow in Thailand, big drop off there, I wouldn't have minded being stranded out there though.
  • Wonky H.
    Good Luck
  • Charlie S.
    When the engines stalls give me a bell. It is kind of like not a good idea to get stuff clogged up in your engine, look what happens to you car when the the filter gets dirty, now i don't fancy my chances on a plane. this is gonna result in a fail me thinks
  • Ash C.
    What do you think caused last weeks plane crash in Libya ? The media are very quiet about it, dont want to cause a panic now do we.

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