Flights cancelled, airports closed as volcanic ash engulfs UK

A volcano, yesterday.

If you’re reading this while you munch on some toast before heading to the airport to catch a flight to somewhere interesting and glamorous, chances are you aren’t going to get there. Similarly, if you’re heading back to the UK from somewhere interesting and glamorous, chances are you’re stuck there for a bit longer.

That’s because all UK airspace north of London is closed until further notice thanks to a killer cloud of ash that is heading our way from Iceland, where the Eyjafjallajökull volcano went all spewy yesterday. The ash can get into the delicate electronic controls of planes as well as into the cabin itself, where no doubt Ryanair would use its presence as the basis for some new added charge to the passenger.

The cloud is forecast to spread southwards as the day goes on, with the media expected to take more interest in the story the closer it gets to That London. In the meantime, check out the situation with your airline or airport – chances are it’ll be bad news.

EDIT: Earlier, on Sky News, a disgruntled traveller gives his opinion on the matter...


  • Nobby
    Oh My God. I really feel for the PAs of MPs. Now they will have to rebook their bosses' election campaigns in Scotland.
  • David
    They should fine Iceland for this disruption. I remember Sweden and Finland and others wanting to fine us for acid rain caused by our coal power stations in the 80s and now the boot's on the other foot. Exactly the same thing but Iceland haven't offered us a penny.
  • Mr W.
    But this is an 'Act of God', not covered on the Country Insurance ;)
  • Gunn
    @David, You can't really charge someone for having a volcano in their country. But for Coal power stations you could, so your argument doesn't stack up. Anyone know if Ryanair still flying?
  • David
    @Gunn, It's that lack of taking responsibility that leads to all the ills of the modern world.
  • andy y.
    Pussies.. you can always glide back
  • Klingelton
    We've been trying to extort money out of Iceland since their financial system collapsed - didn't work then, aint gonna work now!
  • David
    @Klingelton, asking for debts to be repaid isn't extortion.
  • swf
    Agreed, how come they don't have to pay their debts back, but so many third world countries are struggling because of impossible debts? Beyond us simple folk, only the big financial brains will be able to explain the fairness/legality of that!!
  • John
    Impossible third debt = Unbelievable current dictator wealth. Simples!
  • Nobby
    There are already remixes of the Hooters guy on youtube. I think he should get his own TV show. Although loads of people say he's drunk. He's clearly not drunk, he's just Scottish.

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