Flight cancelled? Ask them to refund the unrefundable

20 December 2010

Bitterwallet - FlybeHundreds of flights and tens of thousands of seats have been cancelled in recent days because the UK still can't cope with the notion of Winter. But that doesn't mean that some airlines aren't trying to keep hold of their passenger's money.

Avid Bitterwallet reader Emma had her flight from Belfast to Gatwick cancelled a fortnight ago. Airline Flybe emailed Emma on Friday to say the cost of the flight was being refunded - minus the booking fee and credit card supplement:

I wasn't very happy at this, not getting back the full amount I had paid, even though they were the ones to cancel the flights.

I paid a £6.50 booking fee and credit card charge on a £54.99 flight - it's not much, but it is over 10% of the cost of my flight.

Emma replied by email to complain and ask for a full refund, to which Flybe responded:

'I have reviewed this for you and whilst this is a non refundable charge, as per our terms and conditions, I have on this occasion authorised a refund.'

If you're waiting for a refund over a cancelled flight, don't be afraid to ask for a full refund - you're not asking for compensation, you only want your money back.

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  • Meh
    Refunding a booking fee? But they booked it. They don't control the weather. Emma's had them over a barrel there. Also, she paid by credit card, so they lost a percentage of the sale there, too. I feel so sorry for Flybe that I could cry. Or perhaps not.
  • Andy
    Just remember that when ringing up to chase this NOT to be a complete nightmare to the person on the phone, they are just people doing their jobs, they are not personally responsible for your money.
  • Ola S.
    What's the legal position here for both the passenger and the airline? Perhaps the dodgy looking wrestler guy, Len Dastard (or whatever he is called) could cover this as i'm sure Emma will not be alone in this position...
  • orangeair
    Mind you there is no fee if they refund the full amount on a CC - they only pay a fee if they only refund a part amount...
  • Emma
    Yeah, this must have happened to thousands of people over the cold snap.
  • parpparp
    Charging a booking fee in the first place is BS. Why should you pay for them getting your business? You don't pay a buying fee on Amazon. Their booking system is computerised anyway so the marginal cost of one extra booking is nowhere near £6.50.
  • Robin
    Have had a similar problem, currently awaiting reply on my complaint. I didn't pay any booking fee or credit card fee - I paid with visa electron. But they still deducted some money, lets see what happens....
  • John
    Well, chased FlyBe for my £6.50 for months, they ignored my emails and calls, even explained the supply of goods and services act to no avail...until I started saying I would take legal action at which point I guess they realised I was a bad smell that wasnt going to go away they know they are wrong and are hoping for people to give up. It is a tiny sum but it's mine.

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