Flexible rail cards to be rolled-out

fast train New railcards are going to be offered to those mad enough to ride the rails, similar to the Oyster card system, which only charges for journeys made.

These new 'flexible' cards will be trialled next year, according to Rail Minister Norman Baker.

This is particularly good news for part-time workers who will no longer have to pay for a five day service when they're working less. In addition to this, the scheme may also include discounted tickets for those travelling in quieter periods of rush hours (the 'shoulder period').

Baker said: "Millions of people no longer work traditional 9 to 5. Flexible ticketing must reflect that. It will give passengers a better deal by reducing the money they spend on fares and will spread demand across the network by encouraging them to take less busy services".

"Under this pilot we will look at how we can give them a better deal and also reward those commuters who avoid the busiest rush hour services."


  • Captain.Cretin
    I presume the flexible cards are to make it easier for people to take it up the arse as they are regularly shafted by the train companies over price rises and travel restrictions. My worst?? Over 14 hours to get from York to Birmingham and a fight to take my bike on board, even though I had booked and paid for a bike space.
  • Fat H.
    @Chewbacca If that does not deter them you could always take a hard line.
  • Chewbacca
    @Thin Larry Yes, but I do consider myself to be a fair and munificent leader. Perhaps we could step up the punitive measures if they continue to be...cyclists. As my new second in command (sorry Tennant's), I will leave it up to you to decide which further measures to implement. The fucking morons. Cyclists, I mean.
  • Captain.Cretin
    But Chewy, I only took it on the train because you were so bitchy about me cycling up the M1 in the outside lane and overtaking you.
  • Old G.
    Now we know who Chewbacca really is! He's the lawyer who defended that woman who bragged on Facebook she'd knocked a cyclist off his bike cos he doesn't pay "road tax" (see previous BitterWallet articles for more information - or was it on the BBC? Or did BW nick it off there in the first place?) :-)
  • tom
    I don't really think Chewbacca could be a lawyer. Bin man yes.
  • Grunt
    And even then, only once he leaves school

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