FixMyTransport - an easier way to moan about rubbish train rides

train If you’re regularly piddled off with public transport but don’t know how you can complain when a journey goes catastrophically wrong, things just got a lot easier.

mySociety, the good folk behind TheyWorkForYou, the get-in-touch-with-your-MP site, have today launched FixMyTransport, your one-stop solution for having a gripe about a late train or a broken bus.
It couldn’t be simpler – mySociety say that it is…

Easy You don’t have to know who to contact or even which operator runs the line; all you need to know is where you were travelling to and from. We’ll automatically send your report to the right contact.
Transparent Transport operators are accountable: your report will also be publicly visible online to anyone, and so will the operators’ replies.
Social FixMyTransport automatically creates campaigns. When someone makes a report about the same issue as you, you’ll be grouped together on the site, creating more impact than all the complaints individually.

As far as transport providers are concerned, the hope is that complaints to them about certain issues will be grouped together as opposed to being more disparate. Also, the transparency of the system will mean that they’ll be able to show passengers what they’re doing about a problem. Of course, they’ll also feel more obliged to engage with their customers and be seen to come up with solutions and resolutions.

So go on readers – get out there and get yourself embroiled in a crappy piece of public transport action. That way you can try it out and let us know if it works.

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  • steve
    Having gone to the effort of writing to both my local bus and train company several times and received perfunctory responses from one and a wall of silence from the other I wonder how they will react to this new website*. *I don't, I know how uninterested they are in their customers already.

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