First Great Western say sorry for dreadful service

train First Great Western have wrung their hands and said sorry after hundreds of passengers were stranded in a broken-down train for nearly six hours.

Apparently, there were just under 500 people on the Penzance to Paddington service when it stalled near Pewsey, Wiltshire, with passengers complaining that they were being 'treated like cattle' and that the journey was 'horrific'.

The train was at a standstill for five hours and 40 minutes, meaning that people who should've been home for their tea didn't get in until 10.15pm.

A passenger told the BBC: "They ran out of food pretty quickly. They ran out of food the first or second hour into the breakdown and then water - I think they were giving out water to children and the elderly but that was about it."

Another grumbler added: "The train was overcrowded before it even broke down. There was probably 20 or 30 people in each carriage who couldn't sit down."

First Great Western managing director Mark Hopwood said there was "no doubt it wasn't a good experience in any shape or form last night. Clearly what I need to do is say sorry. We are sorry. We need to investigate what's gone on and we need to learn some lessons quickly from this. It took a lot longer to find the fault than we wanted."

He added that everyone affected would get a refund and "appropriate compensation".


  • fibbingarchie
    I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pleasant experience but what a fucking disgrace....greedy fucking bastards that can't go 6 hours without having to stuff their stupid fucking faces. No wonder there's an obesity crisis. Nothing wrong with being a bit hungry now and then.
  • jokester
    Stop using public transport. Duh! More often than not, a car works out cheaper (by a huge margin if there are 2 people travelling, let alone 5!), faster, more convenient... plus you get your own fucking seat, you can take far more luggage with you, it won't leave without you, and it hasn't been funded by tax-payers' money!!!!!!! And your car won't grind to a halt every time it sees a couple of leaves or if its a bit warm outside... Trains have proven themselves not to be economically viable in this country - not only are the tickets rather expensive, but tax payers have already paid a lot of money for this 'service'. So you're effectively paying twice. I never use trains but for some stupid fucking reason, the government still makes me pay for them :@
  • Mike O.
    Ive never understood why people are standing in trains with 4 carriages or so. Why dont the pricks put more carriages on giving more seats? Thats what trains are, an engine pulling carriages. Ridiculous.

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