First class gets an upgrade on Swiss Air

This is like travel porn - not because it features some leggy, good-looking piece of bint getting horizontal at 36,000 feet, but because it takes a peek at the new Swiss International Airlines first class service on their routes out of JFK. It's a paid-for junket so ignore the gushing enthusiasm for every on-board widget, but you've gotta love the privacy screens and entertainment screens fit for your living room:

You can't afford it, I can't afford it, but it's ok to stare longingly at it for a couple of minutes and dream of having so much money you can piss it up the wall flying like this.


  • Tom P.
    Where the hell is "Zurak" in Switzerland? (2.59 mins into vid)
  • Nobby
    For a high end entertainment system, I would expect more than just music and films. For me, it's topless dancers, or nothing. Female ones.
  • Nobby
    That seal. Is it a video game on a in-built wii? Brings a whole new meaning to club class.
  • Martha F.
    Apparently, Swiss Air have planes fitted with secret holds where you can imprison your daughter and baby for the entire flight with your wife continuing to be unaware of their existence.
  • Alice C.
    At least you read it and thought it 'low brow' innit?

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