First Choice going all-all-inclusive from 2012

summer holiday Consider the all-inclusive holiday. All your food and drink is free, someone comes round to your room once a day to wipe your backside and things only get tetchy when someone pukes in the pool. Or at least that’s our understanding of the AI experience – we’re not allowed to have holidays here at Bitterwallet.

Now First Choice have decided that the all-inclusive is the FUTURE and are going AI-only from next year. They are claiming that a typical family (whatever that is) can save up to £500 a week by going all-inclusive, as opposed to doing it all themselves. The move isn’t all that great, as 65% of First Choice holidays are AI already.

But the Independent’s travel editor Simon Calder briefly stopped going around the world and looking at stuff for a bit in order to tell the BBC that, “From every point of view, except perhaps holiday company shareholders, all-inclusives are the devil's work. From the holidaymaker's perspective, they dampen the appetite to explore - because as soon as you step beyond the walls the meter starts running and you're incurring extra costs. Therefore you're not getting the range of experiences you would find if you simply used the hotel for sleeping in, and explored the options in the area.”

Tell us about your holidaying habits, avid readers. Do you do all-inclusive or are they truly ‘the devil’s work’. Do you believe in the devil? Should we be more religiously tolerant? Is it a good idea for them to bring back ‘Dallas’? Anything else you’d like to tell us? That’s what that box down there is for.


  • Julian
    I haven't done all inclusive since I was a kid and my parents took us on package holidays. I still have a memory of bizarre tasting Yugoslav cakes. A colleague just came back from SKiing with ClubMed and raved about their all inclusive package, mainly because it included premium drinks, not just the local cheap stuff. I've always been the type to book flights and see what you find when you get there. It tends to be cheaper and if you don't like a place you can move on. Now I have 2 kids I will probably have to plan ahead a bit more, but then, having 2 kids I can't see us going abroad for a few years anyway.
  • Paul
    After experiencing AI last year I can now say I hate the general public...
  • klingelton
    after my AI experience, i hate egyptians.
  • Joe
    AI means having to dine with scum. No thanks.
  • Paul
    I've never seen as many fat kids eating chips and rice as I did on AI last year...Also after the way a lot of the UK families acted I could understand if the rest of the world thinks the UK is full of retards
  • you
    Me and the Mrs went all inclusive last year for the first time, with First Choice as it happens, and never before have I witnesed so many tattooed, pissed up, fat, red, idiots reading The Sun in the same place in my life. As such we went out every day so we got to pay for everything twice. Yay!
  • bittertraveller
    Went AI to egypt a couple years back and won't do it again. First day arrive and am tired so just ate whatever. Second day through the food was "okay" but by the third we were already tired of the food. The beer was rubbish so didn't end up drinking that much. I think if we were to do back we would go half board. The point about not going out to try more local places is very true and the staff knew they weren't getting tips (since no one carried cash) so didn't bother at all.
  • shinkyshonky
    The trouble with AI it kills the local economy , thereby threatening peoples livelhoods , and really who wants to wait on idiots who think culture is a form of yoghurt, as calders says: these are just holiday factories ,only good for people who stuff and drink twice their bodyweight daily.....I say throw a fence around...and keep them in...twats
  • Bob
    Stupid idea. They will lose so many customers by limiting their choices like this. They should rename themselves "No Choice". You should change this article where you say "All your food and drink is free." AI is never what it says. After reading any hotel's endless list of what is "Excluded" from "All Inclusive", you realise you've been conned. "Free drinks" only includes the local lager that induces vomiting. "Free food" only includes one basic restuarant with troughs of cheap food. You might get free use of a tennis court or gym, but were talking a few quid saved for the odd time you would use them. Everything else expect to pay for, just like the bloke on the next table who paid HALF what you paid for the same holiday.
  • JebbyJebJebsShowUsYourJebs
    The destinations themselves say a lot of the "sort" that would vacate there. Also I had an AI experience last year, and I can tell you that robots are a complete set of w*nkers.
  • Poo
    Surely it depends on the quality of the resort? I went to a 3 star hotel in Majorca last May and the All Inclusive was awful - regurgitated puke would taste better than the food and drink on offer. However, I went to a 5 star hotel in August on the Costa Del Sol, and the All Inclusive was outstanding. Pay peanuts = get shit
  • ace
    I go every year to either Cuba or Mexico All inclusive and i must say that you get what you pay for. Stop being tight arses and go somewhere nice. Also In tenerife there are some lovely AI resorts so check reviews before you go and AI is definately the best way to go in my eyes!
  • Dick
    > From the holidaymaker’s perspective, they dampen the appetite to explore Isn't that exactly what some people want though? Somewhere hot, where the food is on an eat as much as you can (as opposed to eat as much as you'd like) and looks like it came from the knock-down section in Iceland and they don't have to mingle with bloody foreigners.
  • Whisky
    Normally I avoid hotels like the plauge but went on my one and only AI experience for our honeymoon a 3? years ago. Despite what poo and ace think it was 5* and pricey. Beer rubbish and served in 250ml glasses, meaning a trip back to the bar every 5 minutes if the prick of a barman serving one glass each was on, not that it mattered because the alcoholic content was about 0.5%. Although that was perhaps as well since the water gave you the shits. Food was crap. Who wants lancashire fucking hotpot when its 40c? Best evenings were spent away from the hotel in a little bar we found with some english expats in. As somebody above said you end up effectively paying twice if you want real beer/food.
  • The B.
    I went to an all inclusive in Egypt last year (damn you Icelandic volcano, I was supposed to be in Thailand) and it was actually rather pleasant, although it was predominantly French and Italians. Saying that, the Brits are up there with the Russians for no manners/scumbag behaviour. I went all inclusive in the Maldives (not too many places to eat out on an atol) and ended up upgrading from a beach villa to a water villa to avoid the dross that lived in the bar, if I want to hear your opinions on the "f***ing p*ki waiters" then I'll be sure to ask, in the meantime I'd appreciate it if you'd stop shouting them at the top of your voice, especially whilst the waiter in question is 2 foot away (and no, I'm not going to say anything to 6 pissed up Scots blokes who are all 6'6" and built like brick sh*thouses").
  • Zeddy
    @Whisky: "Best evenings were spent away from the hotel in a little bar we found with some english expats in." Yes, when in Rome.....
  • You
    @Whisky: It was me who said you pay twice by getting out of the hotel, although from reading your post it sounds like it was you i was trying to get away from...
  • Whisky
    @ You, Lets see then tattooed - Nope 'fraid not. pissed up - as stated impossible to achieve fat - Well I suppose I am getting a little chubby but 3 years ago I was built like a racing snake..... red - Tan like a gypsy idiots reading The Sun - Prefer The Star. @ Zeddy Your unlikely to find the locals in a bar when its a muslim country.... Anyway as I recall there were only a couple of english, there was also an Italian and a German couple.
  • Jason
    No!!! Just saw their ad on the telly. Not good for our country's reputation overseas. I feel sorry for any businesses near all-inclusive resorts, but I guess it's up to individual countries and resorts to limit all-inclusives to protect their tourist industries. Personally I can't imagine anything worse than a week in the sun surrounded by ignorant Brits packing in as much food and booze as they can and lounging around a pool all week. I'd rather be at work.

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