Fire at Eurotunnel terminals

eurostar_channel_tunnel There's more trouble with striking French ferry workers, as they have set fire to tyres at the entrances to two Eurotunnel terminals in Calais. Massive clouds of smoke could be seen all over the port.

This, of course, means there's going to be delays and problems for travellers, but Eurotunnel have optimistically said that they don't expect "too much disruption" to their services.

However, there will be heavy congestion for motorists on the A16, which is the main road into Calais.

This isn't the first bout of trouble there's been down there, with fires being lit by striking workers before. The protests are focusing on imminent job cuts in Calais, which are linked to Eurotunnel's sale of their ferry service.

You may have seen, on the news, that there's been problems with migrants trying to stow away on lorries and other vehicles, as they are slowed down by the industrial action.

There's other protests too, with farmers who deal with dairy, beef and pork, slow-rolling tractors to block roads leading to the Caen and Evreux, and Mont Saint-Michel. The whole thing is a mess, so, if you're thinking of going on holiday to France, you'd be wise to fly.

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