Finally! Baggage collection is spruced up with unnecessary tat!

Waiting for your baggage in airports is BORING, right kids? If only there was something interesting to look at while you waited for your battered, bruised luggage to come out of the little tunnel and on to the conveyor belt.

Well, if you’re in Japan, now there is. Selected provincial airports are now using the conveyor belt to display sculptures in an attempt to, well, fill a space that didn’t really need to be filled. 2

No more need you stand and stare at the dull procession of suitcases, while trying to calm down from an infuriating flight experience – now you can gawp at oversized portions of plastic sushi, giant eyeballs and grinning, erm, pellet things instead.


But what would the British equivalent of these be? A plate of Nandos? A severed arm daubed in tattoos? You tell us…




  • wobbly j.
    Would be helped with a sharp Samurai sword stick out making people stand pack from the belt . Plus are they stuck down - how long before they walk or a bag drops on them down the chute.
  • chimichanga
    no plastic anti sneeze lid, not eating that!
  • Dick
    I like them.
  • Dan
    Was there really any need to draw bumhole "X"s on the smiley beans? Oh, of course, it's Japan
  • fibbingarchie
    Shit like this is for people with slow brain waves; idiots who have a constant need to be stimulated in some form or another.
  • Kevin
    Would be better to have some sensible informative thing. Like 'got drugs up your bum? We are waiting for you'
  • Phuck M.
    So that's where my bag containing a small bodied but single giant eyed model went to! Been looking for that bag for ages! It's been doing circuits of the baggage collection all this time! Them bloody Japs!

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