Fancy sitting face-to-face on flights?

If you think cheap flights are already cramped affairs, you ain't seen nothing yet. A patent filed by Zodiac Seats France wants to cram everyone in even more, by having passengers facing each other.

Travelling could become a rather intimate experience, with passengers slotted in, like fingers interlocking in a system that has been dubbed Economy Class Cabin Hexagon.

Have a look at the patent diagram.


Of course, this will increase the amount of people you can get on a plane, which of course, means more money for airlines. We can all think of at least one company that might be interested in this, can't we?

Remember the whole Ryanair debacle when Michael O'Leary looked at the possibility of standing seats?


  • Marine
    LOL ! Human being have really a big imagination!
  • tararaboomptiay
    Just boycott any airline proposing it. If livestock was transported like this, it would be illegal.
  • Han S.
    Never get past regulators, won't be able to evacuate the plane quickly enough in an emergency

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