Fancy a free* electric car for you and your mates?

250px-Nissan_Leaf_001Have you ever thought about an electric car and then quickly thought of something speedier and less expensive to buy in the first place? Then find your mind wandering back to those halcyon dreams of zero vehicle excise duty and cheap fuel costs (even at energy company prices)? Well, Ofgem may have come up with a plan to help you out, assuming you speak to your neighbours.

The idea is simple- find ten friends/acquaintances/people you don’t actually hate who live in your road and convince them all to try an electric car. Nissan will give you an 18 month lease on a shiny new Leaf, maintenance costs will be covered and every house will get a lovely new charging point installed so you can juice up. The Government gets to meet some kind of environmental driving target, Nissan get shot of some more overpriced cars and the electricity companies get more cash out of you; the only people missing out here are the oil companies.

The scheme is now open for applications in specific trial areas, which includes Scotland, the North East and Dorset/Hampshire. Wittily named My Electric Avenue by some card in marketing, the full details of the scheme can be found here. A highly important point to note here is that the scheme is not free, although it has been touted as such in the press. Nissan will offer participants a ‘reduced’ rental which will be further subsidised by Ofgem. Unfortunately no-one is actually willing to talk numbers at this stage, other than the cost of the car will be “a very low rental price” provided at least ten people all sign up for the deal at the same time. Presumably the final cost will depend on how many victims volunteers Nissan can sign up.

If you are desperate to get your hands on an electric car, this might be a way of getting what you want for less. Otherwise, it’s a canny marketing ploy by Nissan who have convinced the Government to indirectly buy their very expensive cars…

* not actually free.


  • Crown N.
    Ideal for Scotland: the battery only has to last to get them to the nearest dole office/smack dealer and back again.
  • eddie g.
    i wanna rock down to electric avenue
  • Zleet
    The future of electric cars would be something like google self drive. Have a depot full of cars charging using solar and other renewable sources. Pay a moderate monthly fee and get unlimited local travel. Book one online and it turns up takes you from A to B then heads back to the nearest charging point. Without the need for a steering wheel you could have a larger interior cabin with facing seats, maybe even a toilet if you paid a premium to poop on the move (with jobbies added to a methane generator at the depot).
  • Crown N.
    I am a bawbag.
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    First genuinely potentially useful thing I've seen here first in a while, nice one BW!

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