Expedia management arrested for crimes against comedy

Surely the point of an April Fool is that it at least has a toe dipped in reality, so there's a chance people will believe it? Not so if you work at Expedia:

The fact that you can still book your flights to Mars on April 2nd might suggest it's not an April Fool, but some natty and detailed piece of viral marketing. No, in fact it's the most unbelievable Spring tomfoolery ever conceived, just in case you've got as far as booking seven nights at Olympus Palace for $11,079 per night without twigging. April Fool! Umm, no actually.

A more realistic prank might have been offering a London hotel for under £75 that isn't some badly decorated, poorly heated shoebox of a room in Bayswater. On second thoughts, we'd have spotted that too.


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  • Robert S.
    I like it I`m gonna go for this! HOT HOT HOT!!!

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