Exercise the easy way, with Stelios and his easyGyms

stelios pizzaEasyJet founder Stelios is going to launch a chain of fitness clubs called easyGym this summer. That's brilliant isn't it? Just really, really brilliant.

Obviously, is going to be the Kwik Save No Frills version of health, which may well equate to standing in a freezing hangar bench pressing broom handles with tins of emulsion taped to the ends or, indeed, running on the spot 'til you puke while some Aryan in tight shorts hurls abuse at you for being a pork-rinder.

Or, more realistically, the easyGym won't have things like swimming pools and saunas, which will be eschewed to get the membership prices down to £15 a month.

Plebs like you will be able to sign up on a month-by-month basis rather than being tied to a year-long contract, as well as getting the option of additions which can be bought in a pay-as-you-go way. The first two to open will be in the veritable Shangri-Las of Slough and Wood Green in London.

Potential members will be able to sign up from April 15th when the website goes live.

Paul Lorimer-Wing, joint chief executive of easyGym, said: "We're ripping up the rule-book in the fitness sector by ensuring members pay for the stuff they use, not the stuff they never use."

Obviously, these gyms are going to look exactly like Rocky's training camp in Rocky 4, but ain't it grand that you won't have to pay for the wagon which you've no intention of lifting up while Paulie sits on his fat-arse within.



  • Brad
    Its the 12 month minimum contract rubbish which gets up peoples noses so I welcome our new fitness Overlord.
  • TimB
    The simple removal of a 12-month contract will make this a big winner in my book. It allows people like me, who know damn well that they'll get fed up after a month or so, to still join up without being tied in.
  • KCJ
    Virgin do monthly gym memberships.. It's hardly 'ripping up the rule book'
  • Dick
    > We’re ripping up the rule-book in the fitness sector by ensuring members pay for the stuff they use, not the stuff they never use. I can just imagine it. Optional extras include showers.
  • james d.
    I go to a £15 a month gym on my work business park, it's quite shit really but it has a weights area and some running and rowing machines which work perfectly. That's all I want to do in a gym really, I go to a gym because I need to exercise not get distracted by lounging around in a sauna.
  • SkyMarshall O.
    As alwys Stelios, two steps behind! Ever heard of Pure Gym or The Gym? Theyve ripped up the rule book about two years ago!

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