Everyone laugh at Ryanair's tumbling profits


Ryanair are going to have to reduce their flying schedules this winter after seeing profits dented and shares plunging by 14%. Of course, this is funny because chief exec Michael O'Leary is a professional gobshite and purveyor of flying human battery farms.

His company said that a weaker pound, increased competition and the economic problems around Europe were having a negative impact on fares and the amount of money they're able to squeeze out of passengers.

Of course, Michael O'Leary wants to cut costs and will start reducing their winter season capacity.

This comes on the back of Ryanair making an announcement that they will be raising charges for hold baggage. For some reason, they want to eradicate suitcases from flights, which will save them money, but inevitably cost you, more.



  • jokester
    "His company said that a weaker pound, increased competition and the economic problems around Europe were having a negative impact on fares" Have they considered the fact that people don't want to use them because they are just a bunch of robbing gits who offer £1 flights with £200 hidden fees? Oh, you want a SEAT on the plane??? That'll be an extra £50. And you want to take a suitcase on your holiday??? We'll charge you another £30!
  • Justin A.
    The public are too wise to that kind of lack of transparency now. Time for firms like his to stop marketing things as being cheap when the supplementals add up the way they do.
  • Darius
    Nice to see this smug little dickbreath suffer.
  • Han S.
    You should see the addons they charge to avoid any Imperial entanglements
  • What T.
    Crap airline. There should be a level playing field for all airlines whereby the headline price is based on all mandatory charges. At least then people can easily compare like with like. Then spend all the savings on Tennant's.
  • kv
    alot of sour grapes from people who must have reading difficulties. if you follow the rules you get a super-cheap flight, if you don't you get the Idiot Taxes imposed on you, simples.
  • Roge
    i would laugh but he will probably just cut something else making everyones flight experience even worse
  • Ian
    I don't actually think they are that cheap anymore anyway. In 2007 I got flights for myself and a load of mates for 1p (no taxes), just had to pay a £2 per person booking charge. Nothing like that now, and easyjet and BA are comprable price-wise on a lot of routes. But just the general service and displeasure of flying with Rynair means I'll never fly with them again. Such a horrible experience.
  • Marky M.
    FlyBe used to be my favourite cheap airline. Now sadly gone.
  • kv
  • What T.
    ^Obviously a thinly veiled reference to hos mothers huge vaginal cavity. Where she hides a six pack of Tennant's. And a small family car. Alot.

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