Eurostar plans London to Bordeaux in 4 hours

eurostar_channel_tunnel Eurostar have got plans to get you from London to Bordeaux in just 4 hours, which is great news if you want to go to France for your holidays and don't like flying. Even better news if you're a massive wino.

The chief executive of Eurostar, Nicolas Petrovic, wants a direct route between the two cities, as well as a number of other expansions which will utilise the new £6.1 billion line between Bordeaux and Tours, which should be completed in 2017.

Petrovic said that the company has a lot of plans, which follow the drop in business they saw following the attacks in Paris. Eurostar's operating profits fell last year, and compensation handed to passengers thanks to trouble with migrants on the tracks also contributed to the company's problems.

That said, with the larger trains and new routes, there's also going to be the introduction of service that have free WiFi and access to hundreds of movies.

Sounds good, but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Petrovic said: "There is nothing decided at the moment beyond Amsterdam, but we are looking at opportunities maybe in Bordeaux because there is a new high-speed line opening in 2017."

If you've had a journey with Eurostar hit by problems out of your hands, you may be entitled to compensation - you can check out our guide to it here.

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  • Germaine G.
    Will they be serving peanuts & nut derived snacks, will there be a nut free carriage, soy free carriage, polyester free carriage, marmite free carriage, ..marmite nuts free carriage, marmite only carriage (etc) If not where the heck are mumsnet to assist in this "madness" ?

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