Eurostar announces £25 tickets

Eurostar announces £25 tickets

Eurostar are going to be selling one-way tickets from just £25, to users with a Facebook account.

Basically, if you log-in with Facebook, you'll get the chance to buy these cheap one-way tickets through the cross-Channel operator. These £25 fares are the lowest price Eurostar have ever sold tickets for.

If you don't have Facebook, it is worth pointing out that there are regular tickets from £29 on the usual Eurostar website.

The company's commercial director, Nick Mercer, said: "Our research has shown that there is a strong appetite for spontaneous travel at great prices."

"With state-of-the-art trains boasting 20% more capacity, travellers with a flexible schedule can look forward to a spur-of-the-moment trip at the lowest fare."

Is there a catch? Sort of. This new service is only available to those with a flexible life, and customers will not be told the exact time of their train until 48 hours before travel.

You can have a look at Eurostar's Snap website here.

On the site, they say: "Look out for deals on Facebook, or go to to check for new deals."

And if you don't have Facebook, can you still book Snap tickets? They add: "We're currently working on adding more ways to sign in, but for now you can only book Eurostar Snap tickets by signing in with a Facebook account."

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