Europeans manage with one button for toilet door, somehow

It's a question that's screwed with the head of every rail passenger since the Locomotion chugged through Darlington some two centuries ago; what kind of toilet needs three buttons to operate the bleeding door?

It's led to many a red-faced incident of ladies and gentlemen been caught in an excretory situation, or one that's involved burping the worm. Who wants to go to the toilet on a train and leave the door unlocked anyway? Only the British it seems - our European counterparts have far more sense in their skulls:

Yes, the Europeans get by with a toilet door that requires the operation of just one button. Those bloody foreigners, with their under-complicated locking mechanisms. Who won the war, anyway? Etc. There's a prize to anyone who photographs a toilet door requiring four buttons to open and close it. A real prize, too. Not like last time.


  • Chris
    You find it hard to work 3 buttons?
  • Chris F.
    see that? that was the point you missed.
  • Song B.
    I would like someone to tell me how the 3 sea shells work also :(
  • ben
    The one thing worse than having a door opened on you mid flow, is opening the door on someone else midway through! Bring on the one button...
  • UnGreat
    What's wrong with a regular sliding lock? Don't trust the robot door to not break the three laws just to open mid poop.
  • Alex
    Aren't our trains built in Europe?
  • viBrant
    'I would like someone to tell me how the 3 sea shells work also' I'm guessing 30% of people will find that funny/understand the reference I am in that minority :D :D
  • ChrisCobra
    Thats a Swedish train i believe , and its far more efficient over there :D My Mrs is Swedish and were moving there with my daughter next week thank f00k :D Had enuff of the overcomplicated British system these days :)
  • Mark S.
    The 3 sea shells
  • magicbeans
    chris; ur moving ur family abroad to get away from the 3 locks?? bit drastic

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