EE launches £3-a-day 4G Euro Pass

4 August 2015

ee As the headline so succinctly told you, EE have introduced a new Euro Pass for those of you who like to roam. It is an add-on which allows you 4GEE Extra customers a bundle of data, as well as texts and calls, while you're in Europe, for £3 per day.

Despite all the talk of roaming charges becoming a thing of the past, no-one has successfully killed them off yet. That means expensive charges for using your phone abroad. If you're determined to use your mobile, this EE scheme could be just the thing.

So what do you get? Well, if you sign-up, you get unlimited calls and texts, as well as 100MB of superfast 4G data each day. Should you use up all your data, which is very easily done with the small amount offered, EE will give you another 400MB of 3G.

If you use all that up, you'll find your internet cut off at the limit, in a bid to stop you from getting any nasty surprises when it comes to billing time. Now, for those of you who aren't 4GEE customers, you'll have to pay more for the plan, at £4 a day.

Obviously, this isn't a deal that will suit everyone, but if you're keen, EE's Euro Pass is available in 39 European destinations and you can get it by texting EURODATA or EUROPASS to 150.

That said, roaming charges are meant to be disappearing completely within the European Union from June 2017, so as a result, this is obviously a limited offer.

From April 2016, there's also going to be a 14 month interim period where all customers on all networks are going to be able to access their allowances abroad at reduced rates, which isn't bad. Anyway, if you need something more immediately, and are an EE customer, this could do the job for you.


  • OlPeculier
    I'm still smarting with EE, every time somebody (PPI probably) called and got connected I got a £2 charge on my account. I was in Canada for 18 days, so you can imagine my shock when the bill came through.
  • Inspector G.
    Be very fucking careful when roaming in certain parts of the EU. I had data enabled because I had an unlimited EU data bundle. Went to the north side of Kos and my phone connected to a Turkish transmitter. £35 of data used in a minute.
  • b s.
    Be very careful buying EU bundles as they automatically opt you out of the €50 max cutoff for your monthly bill. This means that if you use more than your purchased bundle they can keep charging you an unlimited amount.
  • JonB
    Three's feel at home does this for free - albeit in a smaller selection of countries. £3/day is quite steep. I'd look for a local SIM instead.

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