Edinburgh chippy accused of being racist over charging Glaswegian 25p for ketchup

ay_116977366 Brace yourselves. A Glaswegian has accused a fish and chip shop in Edinburgh of being racist after they made him pay for a sachet of tomato sauce.

Tony Winters, clearly one of life's winners, was furious about the 25p he had to spend on ketchup at The Gold Sea on Ferry Road, because he reckons that, thanks to the people of Edinburgh liking brown sauce more, that is given away for free, leaving him to pay for red sauce.

"It reeks of racism. Just because we come from the west and tend to like ketchup instead of brown sauce. I’m feeling racially persecuted because of a condiment. People might think it’s silly but I do think that’s what it is," said Tony.

The father-of five was so upset that he's thinking of taking his ordeal trading standards officers, who surely won't have anything better to do.

Paul Crolla, owner of The Gold Sea takeaway, defended his saucy decision but denied that this was a case of discrimination.

"Salt and [brown] sauce goes with fish and chips, anything extra should be paid for," he insisted. Crolla also charges for mayonnaise and chilli, which is presumably unfair to the Dutch and visiting Mexicans.

While Tony Winter's passion for chip shop condiments is to be applauded, someone at some point is going to have to tell him that people from Glasgow and Edinburgh are the same race.

Please feel free to debate what race they might be in your usual crass manner in the comments.


  • shiftynifty
    Hmmm..The writing in the back ground of the shop sign...kinda looks like THE GOLD SEX...Tony...anything you want to tell us...except that you like tomato ketchup....and feed your family on chips
  • Grammar N.
    Making such a fuss over 25p really isn't helping with racial stereotyping.
  • klingelton
    Sure this was reported on BBC news a couple of days ago. Way to regurgitate old news.
  • faz
    What a fucking tube. Stupid weedgie fud showed have stayed in his own shithole of a city and got stabbed from some tracksuit wearing ned.
  • kv
    Glaswegian in Edinburgh hate shocker.
  • Big M.
    Bet he supports 'The Rangers'. Bawbag.
  • Little F.
    The bounder! Why I shall go and give the Scotch gentleman a piece of my mind forthwith!
  • Arse C.
    Stupis twat. He should be done for a racially aggravated crime of bring racism into something that had nothing to do with it.
  • Arse C.
  • Arse C.
    *bringing Fuck sake. Nazi will be all over this.
  • SISU O.
    @Arse Cress Think you'll find it's Fuck's Sake. Yer man's gonna have a field day
  • Jemima
    @ shiftynifty Keep it up...it annoys Chewbacca...sorry, I mean So retarded I can't spell Tennant's...definitely worth it.
  • shiftynifty
    Jemima...lol...they are both fuckwits....to resort to shitless statements ..G.T.F.O
  • GB
    While Mof’s passion for regurgitating old news stories is to be applauded, someone at some point is going to have to tell him that people from Glasgow and Edinburgh don't necessarily have to be the same race.
  • Coran
    His case for racism is about as strong as some I've seen written by Bitterwallet "journalists"...remember the T-Shirt one?..
  • Justin A.
    Look, shop owner Crolla is just wrong. It's ketchup on chips. Brown sauce is for sausages.
  • Harry N.
    Gravy goes on chips.
  • charitynjw
    Refreshing to see that the 'healthy eating' brigade haven't got ahold of this yet. Not one mention of 'supersized'. Oh. Bugger!
  • Captain W.
    Curry sauce, surely?
  • Han S.
    Edinburghers are a bunch of salt'n'sauce wankers. Vinegar ftw
  • Chewbacca
    I now realise it is "drawer" and not "draw" where one keeps ones chips.
  • Chewbacca
    It's actually where one keeps ones mother's ashes. And the ashes of the dildos stuffed in her mouth, fanny and arse whence she was cremated. It's what she would have wanted. It was actually what she did want BTW tho' ya wee bawbags. Ye fuckin morons, right though, BTW, ya wee diddys. But. C'mon the hoops!
  • Chewbacca
    Oops! meant, 'from whence she was cremated'! Hate that day! The stench of the burned-up spunk was terrible! I'm a resource manager! You fucking spangles!

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