Ecuadoran bananas not to be sniffed at. Or maybe they are.

Scarface Tony Montana Cocaine

It’s always good when supermarkets try running new lines on their shelves but a Spanish branch of Lidl took delivery of some different kind of lines altogether last week. Ho ho ho, drug reference there.

Their stores in stores in Madrid, Plasencia and the town of Cáceres received a consignment of bananas from Ecuador that also contained some carefully-wrapped blocks of high-quality cocaine, with the drugs carrying a street value of £4 million.

In all, a dozen Lidl Spanish stores took delivery of the rogue gak and Spanish vice cops reckon that the dealers must have abandoned the idea of taking delivery of the drugs, fearing that the police were ready to pounce.

So if you’re off to Lidl today, it’s bananas from Ecuador that you’re looking for and if they’re not caked in dried coke, you could always smoke the skins and see if THAT particular urban myth holds water. Failing that… glue?



  • fella-tio
    saw this yesterday.....
  • Jack T.
    Wow. And I saw it today. What a coincidence.
  • charitynjw
    One of your 5-a-day?

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