easyJet's Speedy boarding now means an uncomfortable perk

We've been harsh critics of easyJet's Speedy Boarding service in the past, because a reasonable number of flights require passengers to travel between the terminal and aircraft by shuttlebus. It meant customers paying for speedy boarding would board a bus first, rather than the plane, and still be involved in the bun fight for seats along with the commoners.

We hadn't realised easyJet had made changes to ensure Speedy Boarding offers at least some advantage. Yesterday on a flight home from Barcelona, there were two queues at two separate exits for passengers - one queue was for people who'd paid for speedy boarding. There were four of them:

Bitterwallet - speedy boarders waiting at Barcelona

When the bus pulled up, one of the three bus doors was allocated to speedy boarders - inside they had a quarter of the bus floorspace chained off, while the driver tried to squeeze everyone else into the remaining space. When we reached the plane, the speedy boarders were allowed out first:

Bitterwallet - speedy boarders get the perk of floorspace, too

Two reasons it didn't work; the flight was hardly half-full so a second bus had to bring the remaining passengers over - so few in fact they probably would have fitted on the first bus. That, and the speedy boarder passengers didn't look comfortable about being scrutinised by the passengers on the other side of the chain. They paid for the simple perk of being called to board the plane first, but one woman felt the need to apologise for having so much room and it was a all little silly, wasn't it?

The good news is you now receive the service you pay for - you'll just have to put up with several dozen strangers enjoying less personal space than a battery hen staring back at you with contempt.


  • andy y.
    Why apologise if you paid extra for better service?
  • Richard
    Ryanair are doing it as well (Bergamo yesterday).
  • Joff
    This is more like it - pay for a perk and receive a perk, not something that makes you feel like you've been cheated and never likely to fly with that airline again, let alone pay for priority anything.
  • zeddy
    Having to bus it with fucking peasants gawping at you! This is hardly worth a premuim is it?
  • zeddy
  • Richard P.
    LOL, still laughing....
  • Nobby
    > you’ll just have to put up with several dozen strangers enjoying less personal space than a battery hen staring back at you with contempt. That's something I'd pay for. A number of times I have flown with them and the premium boarders have got on the bus first, taken seats, then got on the plane last since they were sitting on the bus not standing near the doors ready for the fight for seats.
  • Mike
    @ zeddy No but atleast you dont have to sit next to the sweaty chavs
  • carl
    we have paid 33 pounds for 3 speedy boarding seats which now says fully booked ,does anyone know how many seats are allocated per plane so as we are not coaught up in the scramble with a 6 year old after paying?

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