easyJet's refund policy doesn't scan well for passengers

Bitterwallet - easyJet refund policySo then. You book a flight online with easyJet.com, through their online booking system. Once your online booking is confirmed, their online system sends a confirmation email. Any additional passenger details must be submitted online and, should you want to, you can go online and log into the site at any time to view your flight itinerary.

Easy, straightforward, exactly what you'd expect. And every step of it occurs online.

Until, that is, you request a refund for a cancelled flight, as thousands of passengers are now having to do because of the Eyjafjallajoekull volcano in Iceland. Avid Bitterwallet reader Stuart reports the process is nothing short of a pain in the arse:

The Easyjet refund process for cancelled flight tickets bought online requires "a scanned copy of your flight confirmation e-mail". Excuse me? I booked it online, it's in their system online, they emailed me confirmation online, but I have to Print This Email Out and scan it back in?
Shouldn't this sort of thing be possible by logging into the website and clicking a box? Or better still, automatically?

Seems easyJet are continuing the proud retail tradition of making refunds as excruciating as possible in the hope you'll give up and go away. Anyone else care to share their tales of extracting refunds from the airlines during the current crisis?

UPDATE - easyJet have been in touch with the following comment:

We are doing everything we can to help our passengers in this unprecedented situation; however the situation you're talking about is because of data protection.

We've asked easyJet to clarify in what way this is data protection matter, and we'll update you as soon as we know.


  • Tommy J.
    I'm more concerned about getting Insure and Go to pay up for cancellation / curtailment should my trip tomorrow be cancelled... apparently they're being less than accomodating at the moment.
  • MrRobin
    I had this problem when cancelling an easyjet flight over the weekend. It says you have to attach a receipt / tickets for every section when filling out the cancellation form. At first I though that this was to do with when you has booked car rental, hotels etc etc with your flight but it doesn't let you progress until you attach atleast one file. In the end I opened my confirmation email and printed it to a file (XPS) and attached that.
  • Magnus
    I saved the mail as html and attached that. Printing a scan is ridiculous. This kind of thing really should be automated!
  • Pizza_D_Action
    @ Tommy.... I think most (if not all) insurance companies will pull the "Act of God" clause out and pay no one so I wouldn't hold your breath for getting any money.
  • dvdj
    My flight with emirates was cancelled on Sunday, they couldn't be more helpful. Granted there's a slight price difference! Fingers crossed I'm flying on Friday instead.
  • andy y.
    Insure and Don't Go.
  • Codify
    You could just take a screenshot of the email and attach that, but I agree, this is a ridiculous policy from easyjet, designed to frustrate and delay passengers to avoid paying out.
  • JonnySpandex
    To be fair most companies make cancelling or getting refunds difficult, they'll get you to ring them or e-mail them etc. rather than an automated process. That way they can sales jargon you and try to get you to stay with them. Assholes. In anycase this is rediculous!
  • G H.
    What a joke. Impossible to follow the link - tells me I do then don't have account/password. Try phoning gets you through to what you think might actually be a person on end of phone then it goes dead . . . Total ploy to frustrate customers - will do nothing to help their future business.
  • Betty
    Can someone please tell me how to go about getting to the online form for a refund on the easyjet website? I had the same problem in trying to log into easyjet and then telling me I'm not loggedin. This is so frustrating!!
  • pam
    PLEASE can someone help me to get to Easyjets online refund booking form. I have been trying for over one hour .It tells me to log into account ( not the one you make the booking with ) every time I try it sends me to an answer and question site , and then back again . Is this so they do not have to refund people ? I notice some people have managed to reach the forms _ HOW , Please ?
  • Beverley
    Really strggling with the online refund process. Have only managed to set up an account after an hour, but getting nowhere near to finding the form, let alone as far as the farce of scanning in the original receipt. I usually have nothing but good to say about EasyJet but their refund system is ridiculous. Very disappointed.
  • David B.
    Still trying after an hour to get my online refund form. Am not impressed by the GetSatisfaction platform used for the custhelp.com website. Can't get no satisfaction!
  • David B.
    Gripes I forgot to mention: - after making a booking, the cost of individual legs is lost. How do we know that the refund for one leg is correct? - the confirmation email is not designed for customers and prints a horrid receipt for work expenses. Getting an invoice means using the custhelp.com website, so do not even think about it. Why not offer an option after booking to print a simple invoice? When once I got to talk to Stelios during a flight, he said that if planes were full, he was happy. He did not want to know what customers thought of the experience. Has anything changed since?
  • nicola
    I just phoned easy jet as i couldnt find online form. Took 10mins to get through gave them my booking refernce and they have gave me a full refund over the phone be in my bank in 5-10 days.
  • Denis
    Same problem that the website for cancellation form continually loops to the same point asking for new password or forgotten password but not the form that needs to be completed. Tried calling and goes through a number of options and when supposedly linking to an advisor the line goes dead. Extremely frustrating. Considering i have always found Easyjet excellent for making bookings the cancellation process is very poor. Wonder if its because the money is going the wrong way!!!!
  • Catherine
    Tried for 2 days to find the form, just goes back to the same log in screen. Has anyone found the form? We are trying to refund a school trip so quite a large sum of money
  • Dianne
    If you log in and click 'email us' you can then select 'my flight was cancelled' from the drop down list of questions. If you select this question it should then bring up the form. took me ages to find it. what a joke!
  • Stephen
    This sounds good Dianne. But - having logged in- where on earth did you find 'email us'. I have spent half an hour looking, and have to assume the last thing easyjet want is for us to email them. I have the same problem as others with the online refund mechanism. I have - eventually - managed to create a new username & password for the refund process, but when I then try to 'Continue to the online refund request form now' I get a screen with a large 'Login' button which does not respond in any way. Dead end... I guess that means spending a lot of time on the phone over the next days...
  • Dianne
    If you click on the create account link on this screen there should be an 'email us' tab next to 'my stuff'? http://easyjet.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3739/kw/refund/r_id/166 It is misleading as although it says email us you can access the refund form from here.
  • Stephen
    Thanks Dianne I've sent the email/form, and hope that this will do the job. Somehow I felt that there was going to be a longer, more detailed form, which would enable me to get a refund for the return part of my booking (still theoretically 'operational' as well as the outwards leg. Time will tell!
  • seamus A.
    Couldn't get through on the 087 number that easyjet supplied, and couldn't stand paying out that much money to be on hold, so got a load of numbers off an 087 converter site http://saynoto0870.com/companysearch.php. The one that worked was 0870 6000000 . Got me straight through to the booking office and my refund was cleared up immediately. Also try 01582 7000361 and 01293 426554 . Hope this helps
  • miss g.
    Do not ring their customer services number it costs £1.50 a minute and they tend to cut you off. I am still waiting for a reply email as i was frustated when the site wouldnt allow me to use the online form with the link they provide you with. They are obviously hoping that customers will use it against future flights as the link to do this is very simplified !! Not doing themselves any favors for business.... wretched company i will never do business with them again.
  • Mike M.
    Thanks Seamus, for that number. I got through within 2 minutes and got my full refund immeadiately
  • Graeme S.
    Thanks Dianne - was going nuts trying to find the form - thank god for google! The chancers really are trying to put people off claiming!
  • Angela M.
    Just got through in 5 minutes, I too spent three frustrating hours trying on-line the 0870 6000000 from Seamus did the trick thanks very much.
  • Jane
    Thanks for link below Seamus - after a considerable portion of the afternoon spent going round in virtual circles on their website followed by a lengthy wait on this number i have hopefully now been refunded for cancelled outward flight and knock on effect on return flight! a weary yipee! Thanks again.. # Posted by seamus Allen | April 20th, 2010 at 2:29 pm Couldn’t get through on the 087 number that easyjet supplied, and couldn’t stand paying out that much money to be on hold, so got a load of numbers off an 087 converter site http://saynoto0870.com/companysearch.php. The one that worked was 0870 6000000 . Got me straight through to the booking office and my refund was cleared up immediately. Also try 01582 7000361 and 01293 426554 . Hope this helps
  • Sue E.
    Yippee, feeling excited and dare I say it...hopeful...have spent hours since Friday when we were supposed to travel trying to get through online to obtain refund and their site just goes round and round in circles and never a reply to any of the emails I have sent, SOOOOOO frustrating....so going to try the 0870 number in morning given by Seamus. Will let everyone know tomorrow how I got on!!
  • cathy
    thanks seamus I have just got through on the 0870 6000000 and have and have hopefully sorted my refund it took 26 mins to get through and sorted out but well worth it for my sanity! I forgot about the insurance refund and phoned back the call was answered in 7 mins and sorted very quickly!
  • Sue E.
    HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!....Thanx SO much Seamus for the contact number for Easyjet...took about 4 attempts to get through as engaged signal and then a wait of 10 mins but a very helpful lady at Easyjet called Daria has sorted refund...just have to wait 5 - 10 working days for it to hit my card. The relief at having sorted this nightmare out is tremendous. Many thanx !!!
  • roy
    Followed Jane's advise and got through on the 0870 600 0000 number after about 5 mins. Having just about given up with the online experience yesterday, Daniel at easyjet restored my faith in human nature and promised a refund in 5-10 days, handling the call very politely and efficiently (especially considering the pressure he and his colleagues must have been working under the last few days!) Well done Daniel and easyjet!
  • steve-leicester
    Following Seamus's advice which possibly everyone who has read these comments is doing. Being held in queue. My question is, most of us fly budget airlines regularly and are loyal customers so why, in this case easyjet make it so difficult to claim a legit refund. A simple link on line would have made it so easy. By the way was in a queue but have now been cut off. Easyjet should hang their heads in shame.
  • steve-leicester
    Hannah must be a busy girl at Easyjet as after my 7th attempt have got through and seems a refund will be on its way within 5 to 10 days. After the messing around for the past 3 hours of work time it all seemed to simple(couldn't use easy, was to painful) lets not count our chickens. I will return to this page over the next few days in the hope that customers are indeed receiving their refunds. I will let you know. Good luck
  • Colin h.
    Likewise; thanks to Seamus. Took a while but at least it worked unlike their disgraceful website. Just hope the number wasn't at full premium rates!!
  • aine
    i rang that 0870 number, they say the system is down and they cannot help.
  • Emily
    i've tried all of the numbers but can't get through & just get cut off after a few minutes. Clearly Easyjet are getting swamped with calls as the online refund system is virtually impossible - seems they're making a rod for their own back! Really rubbish customer service from such a large company & having hear that people with BA or other airlines have had much better experiences won't be booking with them again in a hurry!! Don't understand how Easyjet are not sorting this out - really bad PR!!
  • Brendan M.
    Try this site. After two days trying on my own, I found this and was able to get through. You have to open a new account from the one you booked the flights with. (Copy and paste this link into your internet address bar) http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g1-i10702-k3561122-Refunds_from_Easyjet_following_the_Iceland_Volcano-Air_Travel.html
  • Brendan M.
    ...Actually just click the link.
  • Eileen
    Hurrah! after trying unsuccessfully for 2 days to obtain a refund on line, I phoned 0870 000 000 it took about 5 mins,they were very hepful and I should have a refund in 15 - 20 days. Thanks Seamus
  • gill
    good website
  • R.Dieckmann
    I cannot believe how naive people are when they believe Easyjet will give them a refund in less than 6 months. They just say that to get rid of you. I tried for four days to get through to somebody at easyjet, got always cut off. Emails do not get answered either. I need to take them to court but with all the complaints I probably waste my time as they are likely to be bankrupt before they are ordered to pay.
  • Ian
    Refund procedure figured out!: from the 'Cancellation' email, click on 'Full Refund' - ignore all the 'create account' nonsense - just look at top of screen and second button from left is 'email us' - click on that then just follow the drop-down menus (you will need to have already scanned your receipts etc, as they ask you to browse for/include them at bottom - then you click 'continue' and you should get a confirmation screen that it has been submitted.
  • Michael
    I tried a dry run of Ian's procedure, and everything looked fine, just as he described, but before I had scanned the booking confirmation/receipt. I then scanned the documents, and tried again - total failure!! As soon as I clicked on the e-mail button, all I could get was the option to send an e-mail; the proforma for claiming had simply disappeared. So I gave up and tried phoning, but of course their phone service shuts down at 8pm. I wonder how long it will take easyJet to figure out that their convoluted process is just increasing the load on their system, as well as frustrating their customers, many of who will probably be ex-customers from now on.
  • Red B.
    Thanks for the suggestion, Ian, but on clicking 'email us' we do not get any drop down menus, only the boxes demanding we login. Maybe the system is down today (sunday).
  • Red B.
    Further to my previous post, by clicking on 'email us', and then actually logging in, I did get a dropdown menu. My wife did not, but maybe her cookies were all over the place after multiple previous attempts. So thanks again Ian.
  • Michael
    This gets more bizarre by the day; I attempted to access this 'site' (I use the word advisedly), and was given a response indicating that my password did not match my username. So I tried to get my password and/or name altered; I ended up with the name 'login' . I am gradually losing my marbles over it all.
  • ~Josie
    Thankyou very much Seamus, and Google, I got through to Easy jet after about five minutes, I should receive my money in about 5 to 10 days, after trying for almost a week on the Easy Jet web page, I aswel could not get the form for refund to come up either, I have been going round in circles all this time, so thankyou very much once again, the number I used was 0870 6000000,
  • Colin H.
    Success! My refund has actually been lodged into my bank account and in less than one week. Seamus is a god!! Just as well because I have tried everyone's methods of logging in for the last week just in case route 1 didn't work, and although I am by no means a computer novice, nothing works. I have reset username and password ad nauseam but cannot get them recognised and therefore cannot log in or get to the online form. I think that if you don't succeed the first time you somehow get blocked from ever logging in & I have no idea how to start afresh. I notice that BBC's Watchdog programme couldn't crack it either.
  • Steve B.
    Seamus has saved my sanity. After three days of web madness and twenty minutes hanging on I spoke to the call centre and my money for the second leg is to be returned to my card within 20 days.
  • Rob
    Another thank you to Seamus et al. Was previously hanging on to a hopeless email refund after their very unhelpful and patronising reply. Just phoned the Six million dollar number and took 2 minutes for a complete refund. Why it takes 3 weeks for an electronic transaction is beyond me but I am happy nonetheless. Despite not being in Athens.
  • ros h.
    Another thank you to seamus. We have been trying to get a refund but as same as most as the other replies we were left in the dark to the website and no reply to emails. We had to wait 5 mins for reply but after that it seemed straightforward. Hopefully refund on its way. Maybe seamus should be working for easyjet i am sure he could sort out their systems.
  • cathy
    Someone please buy seamus a drink! Thankyou seamus. I have just received a full refund from easyjet after only 7 days. your 0870 6000... number certainly did the trick.
  • Scott
    I too tried online for a refund and gave up, but got straight through to someone on the customer help line instead. They said 15-20 working days befor ethe cash was in my bank! Scott
  • John F.
    It seems that Easyjet are making it as difficult as possible to claim a refund, probably in the hope that folks like me who do not have IT skills or the time will just give up. I managed to get my refund claim away today for a flight LGW - Paphos, cancelled on 15 April - without the scanned booking confirmation, which does not now seem to be needed. (Let me know if I am wrong please, someone.) But hear this. On 21 April I tried the 'free transfer' option to amend my booking to a later flight. I tried for every day from 22 - 30 April and was told there was no availability. I then tried the refund procedure and ran into a brick wall - something to do with different passwords. In despair, I decide to go in making a completely new booking. You guessed, plenty of availability but at twice the price. I returned with no problem on 23 April on an flight with some empty seats. It seems to be impossible to talk to a human being in their one-size-fits-all contact system so perhaps the 'Customer Experience Team' will read this (which I am sure they do) and respond to me (a frequent flyer with them) direct, acknowledging first my claim for a refund for the cancelled flight and explaining how I can claim the difference in the fares. I can see why they call themselves an experience team, they certainly do not give a service but you sure have an experience.
  • Lindyloo
    Thank you Seamus, got through to easyjet within minutes, spoke to really helpful customer service advisor and got my refund sorted within minutes. I'd spend ages going round in circle on website! I still think Easyjet are great to fly with!
  • Pete
    Now lets see if they refund passengers like me who were stranded abroad and incurred extra costs that they are legally obliged to reimburse under EU law (EU Regulation 261). I have submitted a claim for over £1500 for the 6 days we were delayed from the 15th April. Easyjet did not communicate with us or keep us informed in any way until 2 days after the ban was lifted by which stage were had managed to get back ourselves. On the refund page the submit receipts upload system did not allow the full submission - 14 scanned pages of bills and receipts. This is just the hotel bills, beverages and alternative air transport home by economy flights. The way Easyjet has deliberately made its refund website inoperative, failed to communicate with stranded passengers and failed totally to keep us informed about anything between April 15th (the day the ban started) and April 23rd, has made me think it is specifically designed to frustrate already stressed customers - to avoid paying out . Shameful & not to be forgotten!
  • Dbw
    Something even more bizarre happened with me. I had created a new account and was buying a ticket when their system went down. I got a message telling me that the booking could not be completed, and while I was trying to access the website to check log-in in my new account, it was telling me that my password was wrong. I assumed that even my account was not created. No confirmation mail from the account creation or the ticket purchase was sent to me, confirming what i'd thought. As I am travelling with friends later that day, after trying with my account unsuccessfully, I bought with one of my friend' s account and my credit card the ticket. In few seconds we got the payment confirmation on screen and in his e-mail. Everything ok, before last night I receive in my mailbox one alert from easyjet to trains problem in the day of my flight. I, surprised, went to the easyjet website to not only find out that i had an account but I had 2 tickets for the same flight, one in my account, and one in my friend's account. Now I cant get through the 08706000000 and no mail is answered in order to get my refund. Shame the ticket is really expensive and I am not going to give up so easily
  • Dbw
    After 1 hour and 30 minutes on hold calling 0870 600000 I decided to call the 08712442366 and whithin 10 minutes I was answered and in less then 5 I explained my problem and a very kind man named Arnold said Ill get my refund in 5-10 days. Happy now, waiting for the refund
  • Chris
    Waited for 15 minutes on the 6000000 number so went to 08712442366 and got through straight away. Just wait until the auto voice asks if you want to speak to an advisor. They promise a refund within 5-10 days.
  • Allison
    My problem is in claiming additional expenses after being stranded for a week. Everytime I complete the form and click on continue it tell me that the flight data has not been correctly completed. I tried dozens of times and have now posted everything to EasyJet by recorded delivery. I await their response ......
  • R.Dieckmann
    Claiming a refund with easyjet sems a bit like a lottery. A few people get promised a refund after 5-10 days whilst others never get their refund. But have easyjet actually ever kept their promise? I am still firnly convinced that easyjet only promise a refund in 5-10days to get rid of the customers. I spoke with easyjet staff at Brisol airport and was told that all claims have to be made with the claims form on their website. Only after the claim has been reviewed and approved by easyjet management it takes another 30 days before payment. I used to be a frequent flyer with easyjet but I am never ever using easyjet again. Neither will my friends and colleagues.
  • LBJ
    My friend and I were due to travel on 2tApril and requested a full refund using the form on the website, it error out, we continued to resubmit with no response. We have emailed several times and no reply. Thank you for information we are now on hold to hopefully receive a refund
  • LBJ
    21st even
  • Lorna
    Just called Easyjet using 0870 600 0000 no. and they have confirmed they will refund me within days for the 2 fees I incurred when changing the return legs of my flights. Our flight was cancelled twice and they had charged a fee to change return legs. Thanks Seamus, this was a lot less hassle than I expected. Call answered and dealt with within 10 mins.
  • colette
    hi there, glad to hear everyone else is in the same boat as me!!! thought it was just me who couldn't get the refund form to open, or couldn't scan any receipts, or couldn't get an answer on the phone or have already been waitng 3 weeks for a refund, or can't get a reply to any e-mails.......shall i go on! was optimistic when seeing the success some of you have had on the phone but have been trying for 2 days now on the 6 million number and still no answer, infact i was in the queue for so long this morning that the battery on my cordless phone ran out! rang the other numbers suggested and 01582 is constantly engaged and 01293 is baggage claims. easy jet left us stranded in innsbruck with 2 children under 3, no rep to help us had to organise trains across europe, 11 trains, 4 countries, 4 buses and 1 ferry we arrived back at liverpool airport to get our car, for the bargain price of 800 euros and 5 days late. waiting for my phone battery to charge before i start ringing again!
  • colette
    quick update.....don't lose faith! lol!! realised that i probably wasn't able to get through yeaterday as all airportas were closed again so easy jet were probably really busy...why am i making excuses! anyway just got through immediately on the 6 million number and my money will be refunded back to my credit card to show on my account within 15 working days......watch this space.
  • Natalia
    I had three flights canceled since 15th April to 19th April. When the third flight was canceled I asked for the refund. I waited to be at home to claim so I could do my scans. A month later EASYJET answer to me that they will not refund the flight because I did not take that option, and It is not true!!!!!! What can I do? I also have to say EASYJET website is a nightmare. It is very difficult to do anything that is concerned with claims. They asked por goverment aids but passengers are trated like foolish people.
  • Scott B.
    I am only owed £100 for two flights cancelled, so not a major amount of money considering what some folk are out, but all the same I want my refund for a flight I never took! Got an email saying they have refunded my money (not the expenses for alternative travel mind you) and checked my account and nothing there. Clicked link to write reply to email and was promted to go through the hassle of setting up an account to reply to their email! Form is broken - makes me log in everytime I click a button and then once I get it all typed out it says error and can't submit it! Total disgrace. Emailing Wacthdog...
  • JaLo
    Hi, I still don't have my refund. Take a look at this: Hello, Easyjet are asking me for details that I don't have on my expedia e-ticket in order to process my refund claim. Please see below. Can you help me? I have written to them about 3 times but they are unable to help me. They sys I need - Booking reference number (beginning with either “EF” or “EG”): - - Flight numbers beginning with either "EZY" or "EZS": These extra letters aren't on the booking details on the E-ticket from expedia. Where can I find them? Please read below also: To: easyJet Customer Experience Team Sent: Sun, 13 June, 2010 12:00:38 Dear , I am afraid that I don't have a booking reference number beginning with those letters nor do the flight numbers on my e-ticket begin with them because I booked my flight through your agent expedia. I have written all my details about three times now and I would be happy to receive the refund soon. I didn't book it directly through easyjet but I still expect to receive a refund for the cancelled flight. I was told to give my details directly through my easyjet account, which I had a lot of problems signing into but I managed to 'update' my details there as well. Please process my refund ASAP. Yours Sincerely,
  • teos
    DO NOT BELIEVE EASYJET STAFF IN GATWICK AIRPORT.. THEY LIE.. my flight has been cancelled (for the second time in a row within 2 weeks) but no refund was applied.... I was supposed to flight Wednesday night at 20 from London Gatwick to Milan Malpensa but flight was cancelled 5 minutes after I arrived at airport. I have been offered a next morning flight to Pisa (3h away from Milan, 400km), as Milan all airport fully booked until friday night!! and I have been told I was entiteled of fully refund for transfer from Pisa to Milan but, after 2 months of emails (once telling me my request is forwarded to claim department once missing receipts, once no refund will be applied) I discover that as soon as you purchase the free new ticket, no refund will be applied!!!! The tickets always look cheap but at the end I spend more than a business with BA or Alitalia or Lufthansa if consider all the additional costs!!!
  • Karen
    Seamus - you have saved me a lot of time and aggravation! Called the number you gave, got through straight away the 2 times I called and refund has been made. Thank you!!
  • CLIVE L.
    My EasyJet flight from Nice to Geneva was cancelled by the airline shortly after booking- their email offered the opportunity to amend the flight and to either allow them to handle extra accommodation/expenses or to allow passengers to do this with a reclaim of "reasonable" expenses. I chose the latter as I really didn’t have time to use their own “services” : They have subsequently elongated the process via email ping-pong, however the Hotel and restaurant (recommended by EJ) were only too happy to provide receipts for expenditure incurred as this is a very frequent and embarrassing occurrence for their customers that are also EasyJet passengers, so they were extremely sympathetic. I have now set a deadline for receipt of the refund having jumped over every hurdle EasyJet has constructed to derail the process. I intend to initiate legal proceedings if the funds are not received shortly and will post a step by step guide together with links detailing the process for others to follow. I am fed up with customers being effectively hoodwinked and abused by the cynical commercial and antisocial approach that EasyJet provide to customers once they have taken our cash. It’s basically now time for EasyJet to fulfil its legal, social and moral responsibilities by providing exactly what it promises, which generally is very little, however when they do make an offer or a promise, I at least expect them to keep it whether they like or not. At the moment I feel as if I’ve been mugged by EasyJet and its hollow promises, so judgement day looms.
  • CLIVE L.
    Easyjet called me..yes I reapeatb EasyJet called me. All a bit 11th hour as I'd already written the letter instructing legal proceedings to commence on 7th Janaury - So I'll keep this forum updated to confirm if the now promised refund arrived (I have an email from Bartlomiej Gmerek (Bartec) - Customer Service Supervisor . Please note it came from "easyJet Airline Company Limited. Registered office: Hangar 89, London Luton Airport, Luton, Beds, LU2 9PF, United Kingdom. Registered in England, company number: 3034606" so if anyone needs to clarify which of the companies/legal entities they are dealing with, this will save time. This is the address where letters, court papers shoulod be served and where, after you've won compensation via the courts you send the bailfiffs to extract payment under supervision of the court. I am now hopeful that I can put the whole unpleasant EasyJet experience behind me and revert to using cheaper, better run airlines who at least aspire to an element of custumoer service as part of theri product offering. The only good thing about this process is that EasyJet promise nothing and and deliver it in spades.
  • CLIVE L.
    The original email from Easyjet included this paragraph ......" Other information: If you arranged other services for your trip, including accommodation, transport or car hire, you will need to contact the relevant service provider directly to amend or cancel. I DID If you require further help, including overnight assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our representatives located at the easyJet sales desk in the airport, who will be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements. Reasonable costs for hotel accommodation and food / beverages can be reclaimed by submitting your receipts. To do this simply click here and complete the electronic form." ......I DID NOT REQUIRE HELP OR SUPPORT FROM EASYJEST TO DO THIS SO CHOSE TO MAKE MY OWN ARRANGEMENTS....NOTE EJ DO NOT REFUND ALCOHOL AND REQUIRE ITEMISED RECEIPTS, NOT BANK ACCOUNT DEBITS. THIS IS A PAIN, BUT IT'S THEIR MONEY SO RECEIPTS ARE FAIR. THE GOOD NEWS AFTER A VERY LONG, TEDIOUS MATCH OF EMAIL PING PONG...THE REFUND HIT MY BANK ACCOUNT THIS MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE OLD ADAGE OF DON'T GIVE IN/DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN APPLIES I NO LONGER NEED TO CIRCULATE MY COMPLAINT TO NEARLY 850,00 2ND DEGREE CONTACTS, BUT WILL RESPOND TO EMAIL QUESTIONS. BTW I'M FLYING BRITISH AIRWAYS FROM NOW ON ;o) We recognise that passengers who have requested special assistance may need priority attention. To ensure your needs are met as efficiently as possible, we ask you to identify yourself to a member of our staff either at the airport or via our call centre at the earliest opportunity.
  • Aung
    My flight were canceld due to volcano ash. I submitted all the paper through the web site and I still haven't received my refund.
  • Herbert S.
    I've been waiting for a refund for 8 (eight) months now. My flight was cancelled last summer and while still on board the plane which was grounded for good, the EasyJet crew told us we could book another flight to the same destination with any other airline and we would be refunded. Eights months later, delays due to volcano ash and freezing weather in Europe now well behind us, I am still trying to work out what EasyJet really needs in order to approve a refund. I've sent them the boarding pass the online reservation from another air company, but it's no good. They want a letter-headed paper from that company!. I argued that everything was done online, but they were adamant. And this letter cannot just be sent to them. It needs to be scanned and emailed in a particular format and in a specific size. Anything, just to make it as difficult and frustrating as possible in the hope that we, their customers, will give eventually up!!!
  • Alasdair V.
    I had my flights cancelled by Easyjet in May 2010 and I opted to request a refund. I followed the quite lengthy instructions and was asked to duplicate all kinds of data. When I wrote to ask for a response, for the first few months, I kep receiving a simple email asking for my patience as there was a backlog. I waited and waited more...Finally, after having bothered them with letters and emails, I was informed in Dec. 2010 that I was about to receive a refund on Jan. 17th 2011 for £198. I pointed out to them that the likely credit card I had used to make bookings with, was the easyjet citibank mastercard (which if you don't know, was closed down for all customers in Nov. 2010). Easyjet and their somehow associated representatives at 'Whitemail' have again informed me that a refund was made to me on Jan. 17th 2011. Suffice to say, none of my credit cards nor bank accounts has received any such refund. When I ask them to tell me which card the refund was made to, they inform me that due to data confidentiality issues, they cannot divulge such information unless I first tell them the last 4 digits of the credit card which I used to book with. Obviously that's handy for them, to make that decision only now that I had shredded the card and statements after it was closed down by easyjet or Citibank in Nov. 2010. I am still waiting for a refund!!
  • reysi
    a ver como hacemos esto se supone que a mi me dieron este link para rellenar una dichosa hoja de reclamacion pero no la veo por ningun sitio. lo unico que quiero es que me devuelvan mi dinero o por lo menos me dne una fecha para poder volar a ver si os dejais de tonterias y me respondeis como DIOS manda
  • Stuart G.
    I had an easyJet flight cancelled due to bad weather just before Christmas 2010 and claimed a refund through their on-line refund system. I sent various e-mails to follow this up to their customer service dept. None were ever ackowledged. So finally 2 days ago I got hold of a phone number and spoke direct to a service representitive who immediately dealt with the refund and also updated the details of the credit card that had since expired. The refund should now hit my credit card by month end - I hope. eastJet's on-line refund system doesn't seem to work so forget e-mail and call them on 08431045000 and speak to a REAL person
  • Letenky
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  • paphos f.
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